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Says moving forward fewer patients will be allowed inside offices and each person will be checked before being seen we're going to need to take temperatures before patients come in we probably will have the hair covers we probably will have shoe covers and we most likely will definitely have down on a society says many dental offices will have to work really hard to make up for being close that could mean working nontraditional hours or more hours to see as many patients as possible the suggestion from the Massachusetts dental society about re opening for non essential business for dentists would be may eighteenth potential changes coming along the banks of the Charles there has been talk that memorial drive could be closed to vehicle traffic WBZ's Carl Stevens reports so maybe not as something some members of the Cambridge city council would like to see happen but city manager Louis deepest quality told members of the council that at this time as the area is seen a surgeon by rich cases creating an open space that a lot of pedestrians could share could make things worse this is not all cops this is about allowing in the area to have a large population of pay yeah when the weather gets good that is not controlled all police by the Cambridge police department but by the state that's because it's a state road he said he is having discussions with state officials about possibly closing ma'am drive two vehicles but it's not going to happen right away that much was pretty clear Carl Stevens WBZ Boston news radio one of the first hit industries with covert nineteen and the hardest in the restaurant industry unusual times to call for unusual measures WBZ's Chris fama.

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