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Will you how will you meant to fill out the wise of course you're worried and it's totally natural but again, people sell you just WanNa have fun there still a balance narcoossee course you want everyone to have fun but you have to be aware of the consequences. I think that's just absolutely a and. I think. I think it's so honestly like it straighten up on right and saying like Oh, you can absolutely like enjoy your twenty s and you shouldn't feel pressure to to compromise the things you want to live on anyone else's timeline and just because you kids having a friends are having kids as in you have to like absolutely trusting what you want. Then we should also just. People. Women at twenty should be armed with the knowledge that like whatever decisions were making all GonNa have an impact on on. We want to be eventually an exactly. You say they should not two years our baby like we should all these things and I just didn't like an I. Don't know I like I learn so much in school which I call for using Algebra like I have never used a cried shot in my adult life. Don't get me started about Jake's leg a very pro that he's British and he was he was great like well, don't POW. But obviously, what like could you have maybe a little bit about Jillette Ian and most. Me More how your mortgage like I just learned in use Oh please let me even food. Even about like nutrition like just each make things that are going to help me be a good adults. I was so unprepared for all the news I go in my third he's like Whoa. So you mean thing have you been string on having kids shit it was all like. Overnight the rug was pulled out from underneath me and I I just I. Don't I don't hit me So now like I do. I do all in minds are you'll also very your master chef you runner up when you must chef. SIP It wasn't, for Greg, Rutherford Ginger busted. About. Thought you were absolutely brilliant and I know I know Gregg Wallace well, and I've helped him with his nutrition in the post and. View because he's such a nice man. Rain, yes, I love. The right guy boss thinking rive. Bakiza. Loss chefs and I was like I've got to be honest. I was blown away. You are really good. Really good. Is it something you? Isn't something you go into after the dieting on always had this hidden cooking genius just hidden away. No honestly, I mean I'm a reality show by the very definition NYC. I, have no. I have talent. Nobody knew snow but they everyone was so surprised. Myself included. I remember like every week you have like vote thing. Of Reckon an just text my agents lightstone of presented. My meals seemed to go well and just get this like stock reply where really proud of you eat whatever happens while done that you've done. So much and I thought isn't. Going like every week in the same message and I just messed around about you answer a new they've admitted in course the we thought it'd be great exposure for a day in and out in a week and I was like shows that you know I I have an incredibly competitive site which I'm she wa. Becoming. Aware of if you put me in something regardless of the odds like I'm scruffy I want to win want to do well I. Think it's A, proving to myself. I'm capable. I think it's part of. The the We all came up in the industry. On a not having scored a goal for the convey like nobody looks hearing me saying it is literally just a case of like pete resume rubbish. So I always try and prove that you wrong. I think it comes from a place of spite, which isn't healthy..

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