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Ray Smith the tide will face the red hot cheese winners of seven straight including the playoffs what if the Titans come away with a win the Lotto for safety with the legendary if you're in a Tennessee historically and you get to a Superbowl winning these three straight games on the road again we did this whole bandwagon jumping Superbowl phone doing what Baltimore Kansas city take your pick they were all in that right they would have beaten all three of those things that to me for Deanna go alone is the single greatest feat of any quarterback in playoff history paper on goal can we go the Titans are looking to become only the third is sixty to reach a Superbowl since nineteen ninety in the late game the Packers and the Niners both had losing records last season making this the third conference championship matchup between teams that had losing records the previous season and it had been four hundred and sixty ninety so it's kind of a greater force in the octagon and he must have seen the horse has racked the cowboy the end came quickly for surrounding McGregor with a TKO we just forty seconds finances first win since November of twenty sixteen lebron delivered his version of a knock Alfie instructing thirty one fished out twelve times as the Lakers down the rockets won twenty one fifteen it's the eighth time jeans had thirty and ten this season the most by later suspected Johnson nine it world reports the Blazers will send ten teams more anti Toliver and a pair of second round picks the kings for Trevor Reza and two additional players this deal she had over twelve million four four coming up on Monday that a single owner will recap all the action championship Sunday what's the latest from the never ending MOB scandal and one star.

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