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Dead the New Zealand national police deputy commissioner John Thames says I would strongly suggest that there's no one there to survive on the island frigid cold air moving through the central and eastern U. S. now forecasters say the extremely cold arctic blast will dip down into the northern and central plains through late today and into the Great Lakes and Midwest the wind chill in some areas could reach twenty five below zero Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson has died at sixty one passed away yesterday after a seventeen year battle with cancer of the eighties still had hits with the look joy ride and it must have been a lot of remember you can always find us online or at USA radio dot com are you tired hi cable TV rates sign up for dish today and get a five hundred dollar bonus offer while supplies last locking your price for two years guarantee call all American dish your dish authorized retailer now eight hundred six one oh five seven three nine eight hundred six one oh five seven three nine that's eight hundred six one oh fifty seven thirty nine offers require credit obligation twenty four month commitment early termination restrictions apply call for details okay helps companies and L. G. B. T. groups are asking Facebook to remove misleading ads about HIV prevention medication the ads which link to law firms and on going lawsuits played up the possibility of FDA approved medication.

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