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Tom Brady officially is reduced to the media in Tampa Bay. I gotTa thank you very much. I appreciate you taking the time today. you know. This is a It's an exciting moment for me in my life entering the of thing that's obviously very unique to me is. It's the first time it's happened in twenty years so I'm kind of taking it day by day. And you know the expectation for me is the come in and do it You know I feel you know right for for you know. The organization has to be a great team player. And I'm GonNa try to do everything I can to get up to speed with all the things that I need to do with. My responsibilities are I obviously have a ton of trust and respect in for coach Arians You know for what Jason and what he's done to build the team and organization is is now in You know I'm thankful to the Glazer family to give me an opportunity and As I said the other day I look forward to meeting all my teammates. And just doing everything I can to to You know for us to achieve what we set out and there's a Lotta things that go into it and You know as soon as we can get those things go into. You know a great. It'd be everybody understanding the circumstances of what we're dealing with that we're in a little different approach and we have to adjust As that's what happened in football in life and and that's what my planet so. There's Tom Brady reading straight from the CLICHE book. Well they said one of the headlines. I saw because the of course the news outlets for sports news the SCAR. They're dying for stuff to talk about when they got to keep it to sports. And so you're getting sort of. It's a bit of a stretch for a topic here. You know stuff like that. But one of them was that there was a blow up between the two of them. Bella and Brady. Yeah anything's possible for sure. Meanwhile the Carolina Panthers are expected to release quarterback Cam Newton this after basically Carolina went out and got Teddy Bridgewater. Newton referred to himself as unemployed in an instagram video on Monday. After Bridgewater signed a three year deal worth over sixty million dollars. Apparently the panthers tried to Trade Newton and held conversations with the bears. The chargers but Carolina could not find a taker for his contract and Newton is in the final year of his deal. He's dealt with injuries. Struggled badly in the last couple of years. And he's due to make nineteen million for the coming year so we don't know what New England lions are to replace. Tom Brady but one would have to assume that the at least kick the tires of bid on CAM NEWTON WITH STEVE. Me To guess too. I got we never really had any guest knows good. Kids Games made people can weigh in Kids Games best stadium you know all sorts of Shit. Yeah you're right can weigh in on lots of stuff. I like Devine's response to the pool. He gave the full synopsis. Hockey Chicago Stadium just to be there for the national anthem. Cfl football the new stadium coming up in Halifax NFL. Lambeau Field Frozen Tundra and see Aa Notre Dame Chan little rudy. Baseball Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium Gulf Augusta in Saint Andrews in basketball. We'll Boston Garden to see the Celtics. That is a good list. Yeah you don't know and did mention because you can't anymore and I guess I guess we could have made that clear the wolves at the door hang on Stevie. He's gone to the dogs literally. How about this before we go? You know what I was saying was stadiums that you you can't go. There and work is not there but no one mentioned the forum right. But it's not around Montreal. How about this Steve. Just a final thought here before we go so I'm sitting around. This House. Have been here for lockdown here now for a week or ten days or whatever it is and so. I'm watching TV by the way zero zero zero Amazon prime. I've a couple episodes in great show. Never heard of it. So it's it's about three different families of an Italian clan Mexican clan and then these American people so it's about the underworld Italy decides family. They're gangsters in Italy. Decide to buy five tons of cocaine from this Mexican cartel okay okay. And so they're the they're the buyers. Mexicans are the sellers and this American family the brokers of the deal. They're the ones. Get Nicole getting a coke from Mexico Italy and that's the whole series. It's eight shows excellent. Excellent show the I. I watched the first episode and a half last night so check it on Chernobyl right now and it's It's frustrating the hell out of me. Just watching the incompetence the ignoring the problem. I don't know if you start your noble or not. No I never did. There's very frustrating so far. But it's very good. It's very compelling right. Now I'm just everything. The first episode is all about the meltdown itself and this ignorant guy that supervising the whole thing they keep saying. Hey Bob the core is gone. That's nonsense you're crazy. You're hysterical start pumping water into the core Bob. The fucking core is gone bob into the infirmary with. You've clearly lost your mind. Dave you get to the core and pour some water and it just. It was so frustrating to watch it go down. Oh based on a true story quite obviously I'll have to put down my list anyway so I'm watching that show last night sitting around and there's a there's a knock at my door. The Doorbell rings about eight o'clock so I don't open the door right away. Steve Go to the window right to see who it is. And there's a kid standing. There was shirt and tie on in a clipboard and go. Tap TAP TAP. What's up you know? And he's he's out there as for charity looking for money going door to door during this. Fricken lockdown get away. Get Away from my house or you'll you'll be part of it you. You're going to need the you're going to be the subject of the charity freaking idiot witness. I'm going to bet that might have been it. Might have been. I don't know we gotta go tell you what to get the art. They are grinding it out still going door to door. We stay home. People.

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