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That we that we nuked i understand but several thank first thought there are other ways and in principle for example we might be able to pull off a massive shock and awe fiber attack that simply shut that system down but we did other things so that's one thing we could do and it is the case that there is an argument has been for a long time that taiwan can make the same argument worth create north korea's argument is we need nukes because we're facing a hostile us and invader taiwan can say we need new because we're facing literally they are a hostile people's republic of china invader and they did have a nuclear program and president reagan administration talked to the the taiwanese out of ad i think it's highly improbable we would start that uh the it's it's possible of course politically but uh can you imagine the uproar of giving nukes down the other hand japan on its own and can despite that terrible history if you were shema nagasaki it has so much highgrade plutonium because it was so many reactor that it could quite easily create a formidable arsenal of nuclear weapons and i i don't think they'll do that yeah but to sort of thing that we hear about now i don't think that's practical i i think gentleman is correct more cells right that in theory china could could stop it or slow it down his by squeezing the economic spigot but there's no real sign of that other than some fairly if a token sanctions that that there are perhaps going to help us in fourth after the new un resolution the ears is you know the thing i you know i know we control the south's in the russians and the chinese control the door threatened after world war two after japan occupied korea why can't we get along with people want why do we happened to have enemies why would the north be so upset with us and why are we cutting deals with him saying look we're going to bring you food we're going to take care of your people um we need to be friends just like the russians and the chinese are it's a great question yelling theory there's something economic called economics go the coast them and says you can always bargain your way out of a problem in the fact that why can't we bargain away.

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