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The voice of the rams jb long alec ogled tree he is an athlete he had the picks six helped the rams stay on top of the nfc west derek henry with a longrun that field for the titans mike keith i said this earlier if i was walking by dog and he was doing play by play it would still sound really exciting to re cohen who is a bright spot for the chicago bears jeff joni act with another one of his punt return touchdown and finally you can sort of here way lay raviv who is wayne's partner with the packers on the radio network his name escapes me larry mccarron th they're screaming and yet there's so much happening it's chaos there at lambeau they had this walk off touchdown with air and jones his first and only carry of the game but you know why the excitement not just because aaron jones provided the win in overtime after a long td jive but also because at six six along with the lions 606 and the cowboys a six and six of the packers are still alive still keeping those playoff hopes alive agents what's the looming yudo week routine it's not about the steelers and the patriots okay it is for some it's going to be a good game i'll give you that but also we could see the return of aaron rodgers now i don't want him to get hurt again do you guys are member within a couple of years ago that tony romeo he came back to this long enough to to break his collarbone again was that three seasons ago he was on the field for what to have weeks maybe maybe not even that long ago broke his collarbone again i don't wanna see that no one needs to see aaron rogers get hurt again he's already got screws and plates and everything else i asked the question and tomen isaac revah serious conversation behind the computers trying to algeria so many times i know which one was where it was the back and it was the collarbone those were the two that were recent but yes the the collarbone i feel like he was only back for a couple of might not even been a couple of weeks has member here's how i remember his wife was up in the box and she's you know she's crying right away because he gets hit that same way lands on.

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