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Sarah Miller at the editor's desk and I'm Monique Kobyla this give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world fifty seven degrees at ten o'clock Donavan and here's what's happening stinging words from here to blossom has yes president trump to step up and help his former city survive the corona virus pandemic the president are you going to save New York City are you telling your city to drop dead which one is if you see anyone violating social distancing rules the city wants to hear from you new Yorkers are being asked to take photos and reported well just what they didn't need in Washington state a recall of some corona virus test kids there's already a shortage there just like in most states uncle death lawsuits have been filed by for the victims who died in a helicopter crash with basketball great Kobe Bryant's ten ten wins accu weather low forty eight mostly cloudy overnight high fifty eight tomorrow with some sunshine as our current virus coverage continues here on ten ten wins and apparently frustrated mayor de Blasio getting personal today accusing president trump of abandoning his hometown the mayor had some harsh words saying the president has failed to get behind a push for additional financial help desperately needed by New York in other areas hard hit by the corona virus Republicans in Congress have shown little interest in approving federal aid for cities whose finances have been dealt a body blow by the pandemic of Lazio says the president could fix that with a literal snap of his fingers president trump is as simple as this this is a moment where you could actually help to save your home town or you can turn away and you can fail to protect new Yorkers and right now you are failing to protect the very people who you grew up around the very people who gave you every opportunity every opportunity you had your life came from New York City but when New York city's need where are you also today is the city enjoys the spring weather America Blasio asked new Yorkers to pull out their phones and help the city enforce social distancing rules is not snitching this is saving lives Manda Blasio defending his policy telling people the report public gatherings by calling three one one or texting three one one with photos of those transgressions and explaining where they took place I need everyday new Yorkers I need all of you if you see violations of social distancing if you see gatherings you got a report of the mayor also warning new Yorkers at police and park workers will be out in force as the weather turns nice your intense people to gather outdoors no one wants to give you a fine we're going to keep giving you warnings before ever having to give you a fine but if someone ignores the instructions of our enforcement agents we will give fights and now those fines could be as high as a thousand dollars per incident the mayor says that the social distancing making a difference in this pandemic we don't want to see it boomerang Roger stern ten ten wins news scope at nineteen death toll continues to go down the state reported five hundred seven fifty calories since Saturday that's the third straight day of decreases that said governor Cuomo cautions that relaxing social distancing guidelines too soon in New York could make those numbers take up again ten ten wins reporters about the leap and has more governor says hospitalizations in into patients are down but it could all easily change this is a temporary reduction in the virus right the virus rate is wholly dependent on what you do he says first they have to get a better idea of who is been infected and now has immunity through antibody testing as well as ramping up diagnostic testing to see who is currently impacted he says the state now has an FDA approved antibody test we're going to be rolling it out to do with the largest survey of any state population that has been done a governor Cuomo says they still need federal help with the diagnostic test in terms of getting the supplies to run them some at the leap in ten ten wins news the city is now taking action after a growing number of reports about harassment and discrimination apparently fueled by the pandemic the city's commission on human rights has formed a covert nineteen response team to look into an influx of two hundred forty eight complaints in recent months forty percent of which targeted new Yorkers of Asian descent by comparison the city had just five reports of anti Asian harassment during the same period last year the pandemic began in China that as it spread across the U. S. so of complaints of racism and discrimination against Chinese Americans and others of Asian descent hate crimes against Asian Americans are also up this year which is especially noteworthy since crime rates overall have dramatically fallen during the pandemic wins news time ten oh five now the official ten ten wins accu weather four day forecast starts with a low forty eight overnight with clouds tomorrow the clouds should break a little for some sun and a high of fifty eight becoming windy on Tuesday with a mild high of sixty two and some sunny times bud shower or gusty thunderstorm possibly the afternoon Wednesday should be mostly sunny and a high of fifty two right now we have fifty seven degrees and clouds going down to forty eight in that mid town well president trump both defended it federal testing capacity for the virus tonight while also promising to do more he announced a briefing that he's ordered an unnamed company to produce millions more of the test.

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