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So easy and i know that a lot of times it's the weirdest thing right to call in and and fan break how does that really work do i need an appointment do i need doesn't have to be a small business does it have to be somebody in colorado all these rules where we don't put any rules on it at washington dc tampa florida wichita kansas come on folks jackson city tennessee the johnson city tennessee you know there's there's fresno california we want to hear from everybody and we absolutely no matter where you are in the country you can fan brag about anybody in the country actually read a fan brag recently about southwest airlines and they brag about southwest brat fan brag about southwest airlines probably google the story on a line i'm going to give you the abbreviated version i don't have it up in front of me on my computer but they had taken off and had to immediately turn around and come back because one of their passengers found out that her son had just slipped into a coma and rather than continuing in the direction they were going they actually came back to the gate let her off the gate plane had revoked her on a flight to denver which is where she needed to get to put her in a vip lounge so she could wait because you had to wait two hours for that next flight took care of her luggage rerouted her luggage took care of her lunch when she arrived in denver her luggage was sent directly to where she was going to be staying i mean just the whole nine yards of taking care of her and then re kind of checked in on her later asking about her son just a real just very very concerned about their guests their people their clients and in this day and age right it's those there's airfare wars are really funny to watch really because you know how low can you go when it comes to a jet and across the country and so the fan brag for southwest plaza actually read about it online southwest airlines sorry different different airline which actually and i'm here in southwest plaza the.

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