Casey, Bob Muller, Leo Terell discussed on NBC 4 News at 6


Day. They will let me get into the studio got into day. I want to give away some tickets. Seventy ABC welcomes war. We're going to start playing some war songs and C and the sunshine band at the Greek theater Saturday may twenty five I got tickets to see war, you know, war and Casey and the sunshine ban, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake Greek theater, Saturday may twenty five who wants to his right now raise your hand, I appeared tickets. And so what I am going to do. Is to come up with some type of game contests. So that one lucky winner will win a pair of tickets to see war, and Casey and the sunshine band. Now. Here's the caveat. You can appear tickets. You must invite me. I get to go. That's the only way because he employs cannot participate. But I could be a guest. So let's do this. If you if you aren't the NFC, let's make it the twelve caller you Nara, twelve caller right now. And one be caller number twelve and one eight is is this the right number the number here that I have here. One eight hundred two two five two to twelve caller and one eight hundred two two two five to two call right now. Starting right now, and the twelve corner will win a pair of tickets to see war and KC and the sunshine band at the Greek theater Saturday may twenty five start calling right now, remember the caveat. You must take Leo terell to see war now. The one other aspect before we leave this subject because we're gonna talk about your choice for president in the next hour. How many people hear from Bob Muller? Now. That's one thing. I hope the Democrats decide to do. I want to hear from Bob Muller. I wanna hear him and not let me be very clear. Shame on MSNBC. How many of you.

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