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I mean every time there's you know the the michael flynn thing i mean they've really pumped this thing up to be well something that was not there may be a story to tell there's always a story to tell but it may be a story that has nothing to do i mean it could be it could be a fairytale story there may be a story to tell but the only story to tell mr schiff is if is to prove that the trump campaign colluded with the russians to hacked the election or to change the outcome of the election which is exactly what the hillary campaign dead what is telling you is we have to it they're not see yeah they're not they're not secret anymore now as we found out but there was there was nothing there in the meeting that rise ill illegal and it was simply a meeting with that you took with people that was really dismissed by the campaign that's not none of that was shocking no campaigns talk to different people all the time and they talked to people from all over the world what he's trying to say is we need to keep this thing alive to twenty twenty and he tells me that he suspects or or knows full well that there's not going to be an indictment because otherwise because the indictment that well i don't know he can't talk i don't know why you want to keep this going till twenty twenty if you don't have the indictment what story are you telling that are going to unless you're just trying to keep your troops motivated leisa more do you want to get in open eight six six.

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