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I'm not gonna end this podcast and young. We're going to change the world. But i'm so tired of hearing that. Yes but i will say that young people and have always like had wisdom and it's on all of us to figure out how we all deserve res- like young people will figure out everything. But like how do we have intergenerational conversation so all console can have rest you know especially compositions that don't minimize the experience a feeling it it. It's easy for older adults society. Young adults you know minimizing the grief and the loss of some of the moments stitching up. Whatever pro they'd be like. Oh it's just problem you have other things to look forward to life but not realizing that those are big losses and yeah moments via and decide on get. I'm a libra. And just so. I don't get dragged. Is that like i i also i saw intergenerational because this this experience was also made me have certain conversations with elders older people about what were they doing as young people in how it traumatize them which is why they don't talk about it but somehow maybe assumption i was like dang like what was you doing in about climate. Change these things here and then this moment because everyone's just been you know reflecting a lot. It's like oh if i want to do that. I will be traumatized to with myself. Like just susteren stuff. I was doing at eighteen heavier. Not if you're not a certain type of person in my life. I wanna share that with you exactly so there's also that like you know all of this item. Get jack yes. I also backwards as low. Nobody's going to be dragging. You know the small side. China cover believe china. You know this scale you know the balance you thank you so much for. The conversation is reflect and think you so much for being willing to share inside with our listeners. And answer in like expose some hot things as well. Everybody needs to be thinking about so thank you so much i on. Yes and i'm to be that person and let me let me be this person. Also i recently grow and that's about phases young adult reflecting on all this happened this year and some takeaways that i gotten and so y'all can check that out. Where can we check really. I really wish i was that person that was ready. Here's the exact you are l. But i'm sure up It's called forgotten youth elders. Okay and yeah that's all you can go search that Or or just like my name. Got senator on the podcast. People can look at binat and reset in like gaggy grants. Are that last question. 'cause it's early the question but it all these big for me to answer so yeah please go out and find some ions insight forgotten youth others. He is a great addison. We're so excited to read your book and to hear the insights. Thank you so much. I am sharing space. Thank you thank you i. I hope have the hopelessness..

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