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Rosie Ruiz's early life is shrouded in mystery. What's known as that? She was born in Havana Cuba on June. Twenty First Nineteen fifty three when she was eight years old she and her mother moved to Miami Florida. Miami felt like an entirely new and alien world to younger. We's she was overwhelmed and isolated living in a new country and city surrounded by a language. She didn't speak. She started running both as a way to escape her anxiety in as a way to come to terms with her new surroundings sometime later she was separated from her mother and sent to Hollywood Florida to live with her aunts and uncles again. She took to running to cope. She began running cross country in high school but had to stop when she suffered a knee injury that required surgery even running. The one thing she clung to was taken away from her. After high school she left Florida to study music at Wayne. State College in Nebraska. It was another new world for her but she learned to adapt one year into her college career. Reza's life was thrown for a loop. When she was involved in a serious car crash. She suffered a blow to the head in the accident. It left her with. Chronic severe headaches and occasional blackouts these lingered far longer than could be explained by the crash so in late. Nineteen seventy three. She flew back to Miami where doctors could examiner after a battery of tests. They found the cause of headaches a tumor the size of Tangerine embedded in her skull. Shockingly the doctors told her that the tumor had been there since she was born at Twenty Years. Old Ruis underwent brain surgery to remove the mass. Luckily the growth turned out to be benign in nineteen seventy seven after graduating from college. Roy's decided not to return to Miami instead. She threw herself into yet another new city. The Big Apple at this point relieves was comfortable with constant moves in new surroundings and even liked it. She moved into a high rise apartment near Times Square with two roommates and got a job as an administrative assistant for a metal trading company but shortly after she moved to New York. She had her first brush with the law in late. Nineteen seventy seven release allegedly stole credit cards from an acquaintance apartment in racked up. Fifteen hundred dollars in false charges the acquaintance lodged a complaint with the NYPD but Ruiz paid restitution and the charges were dropped compounding. Her legal issues were continuing health issues. In September of nineteen seventy eight Ruiz's doctors discovered a small defect Inter Skull Leftover from the first brain surgery. She needed another operation. So a plastic plate could be inserted in her skull throughout her life. Ruiz had turned to running to cope with their problems. So in February nineteen seventy nine when she finally felt physically well. Enough twenty-four-year-old Rosie. Ruiz once again began running. She managed to log a hundred miles a week either running through central park or by training on an exercise bike in her apartment after a few months running. Ruiz decided she was ready to put herself to the test. She wanted to run a marathon. A marathon is a grueling long distance. Run of twenty six miles and three hundred eighty five yards. It takes its name. Inspiration from the legend of Philipe vs. Who In four ninety? Bc ran from the battle of marathon to the city of Athens to announce the Greeks victory over the Persians. The distance between those two points about twenty six miles became the basis of the modern marathon. The sport was invented for the first Olympic Games in April eighteen. Ninety six in Athens Greece by the Mid Twentieth Century completing a marathon had become one of the most prestigious feats an athlete could accomplish and Rosie ries wanted to prove herself an accomplished athlete. It was a huge jump for her while she had been taking running seriously. Ruis was not an experienced long distance runner. She'd likely never run anything close to marathon length but she was determined to try. Ruis tried to fill out an application for the New York marathon but discovered that the deadline had passed. She contacted the marathon's organizers and ask for special dispensation claiming she was dying of brain cancer convinced by her story. The marathon's organizers allowed her to turn in the application late on the application Ruis listed her expected finishing time as just over four hours about average for marathon and a very respectable time for a first time runner. On the morning of October Twenty First Nineteen seventy-nine Ruis arrived at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island to compete in the New York City Marathon. It was the largest New York marathon since the event's inception in nineteen seventy with eleven thousand five hundred thirty three runners including forty-six hundred first timers like ruis an estimated crowd of two point. Five million spectators gathered along the race route to cheer the runners on Res Checked in at Fort Wadsworth received a number and took her place waiting among the massive crowd of runners at nine. Am The starting cannon fired. The race was on to give herself out. Ruis asked her roommate to meet her eight miles into the race to check if she wanted to drop out. When Ruis reached the eight mile mark she looked up and saw her roommate waving her from the crowd. Ruis shook her head telling her roommate that she felt good and was going to finish. She was not going to quit somewhere near the ten mile. Mark near Nineteenth Street in Brooklyn or we had a change of heart either due to injury or due to exhaustion. She walked off the course and left the race. That didn't mean she had given up on her goal of finishing however far from it. She had just decided to take a little shortcut. Ruiz descended into the subway system. And got onto the one train. Going North into Manhattan. She took a seat and kept her head down trying not to draw any attention to herself with thousands of people participating in the New York Marathon. It wouldn't have seemed that unusual to see a runner on a train. After a few stops release felt more comfortable and struck up a conversation with a woman named Susan Morrow who was sitting next to her as it turned out the two of them were going to the same place. The marathon's finish line in central park. Ruiz told tomorrow that she twisted her ankle at the ten mile mark of the marathon but wanted to cheer on the other runners at the end of the race. Moro was headed to see her friend. Crossed the finish line ruis and her new friend got off the subway at Columbus Circle and made their way into central park. Rees was noticeably limping and would occasionally lean on Morro shoulders. They pushed through the crowd and police barricades to get to the finish line as they made their way through. The crowd. Ruis grabbed a can of juice and poured it over her head. Moro thought that was odd but reason that it was a quirky runners. Habit when the two of them reached the final barricade. Ruiz declared herself an injured runner and was helped into the medical tent. Then are we told the medical staff at the marathon that she'd already completed the race. They credited her a time of two hours. Fifty six minutes and twenty nine seconds ranking her twenty third place among all women that time also qualified her for the Boston Marathon one of the most famous and celebrated running events in the world after briefly receiving treatment on her ankle. Ruis emerged from the medical tent and found Moro. They exchanged contact information. Andrew we suggested the two could have lunch the next week then. Ruiz disappeared into the crowd. Loved everything about the marathon the thrill of the racist beginning the Camaraderie with other runners and the victory of finishing the only part she didn't like was having to actually run all twenty six miles but she had seemingly found a way around that when she returned to work. The following Monday release received a hero's welcome. Her coworkers were shocked and impressed by her achievement and res Soaked in the attention her boss who also happen to be. A runner was particularly impressed after finding out that her time qualified her for the Boston marathon he generously offered to pay for a weekend trip to compete in April her. We graciously accepted.

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