South Dakota, Ford Pierre City Council, Misery River Bridge discussed on Midday's with Michael Estridge


Both conventional and easa garrelts in south dakota high schools which is approximately 30 percent raising the legal age of smoking to twenty one years old would be a good start in reducing that number there is an expansive agenda for the ford pierre city council to mull over tonight one item staring at the group that's the new misery river bridge the state of saudi south dakota department of transportation originally told city leaders in fort pierre and pierre that by february first or thursday the city's was to have submitted any additions to these span so that final plans could be developed the dot has since extended the deadline to march 1st both mayors gloria hanson afford pierre and steve harding of pierre have said public hearings would be held to get public input on the proposed additions it's not known if any public input on the bridge will be taken formerly tonight or if a public input session will be decided on the four pierre city council is set to meet tonight at five p m in the commission room of the stanley county courthouse that meeting is open to the community democrats in the south dakota legislature are focusing on government transparency and open records senate minority leader billy sutton of burke says he's introduced a bill dealing with how long state agencies need to keep financial records but it's a focus on record retention of fiscal documents um different agencies have different procedures on how they retain uh government records as far as fiscal documents go and so we're looking to expand that time period and have a a uniform um process among state government to keep records at least ten years sudden says the public hansi and the need to keep those types of records hopefully we can have a conversation about maybe even longer with the technologies available these days should be able to keep fiscal records for a long long time and that will make it easier in future to go back and audit if we have different problems such as what happened with europe we weren't able to go back in arctic gharib one to the degree that we needed to because those fiscal documents.

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