Tracy Mcgrady, MVP, Sidney Crosby discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show


That's all he is is tracy mcgrady i dunno tracy mcgrady wasn't a three time mvp i know he wasn't tracy mcgrady was three time mvp any never reached the second round of the playoffs he was a great run right he's saying he's saying okay let's say three time mvp yes you're right player he could better his legacies not tracy mcgrady it's better than that i'm saying that he he can transform it further and to elect the only question he had he doesn't have to score another regular season goal at all the only questions are can he win has he won how far did he did and that's that's what we're dealing with now he he will enhance it moving forward will you know i'm just gonna go back on this for a second because i've been here a long time and watch this a long time and after the last four or five years at the end of the season in the last four or five years has always somebody who writes a columnist says should we trade ovechkin because we're not gonna win with oh that kim nobody ever wrote a column that said should we trade sidney crosby so while you right berry that he is he is the preeminent goal scorer i do think that what happened in the playoffs undercut him terribly a thousand percent i'm not disagreeing with that at all i'm just saying that he's not i i don't wanna diminish him by saying tracy tracy nine i'm nine royal saying i'm i'm not at all saying that sidney crosby not the more accomplished layer and champion i'm not saying that at all i'm just saying what i agreeing with you the teddy own sece's statement that elsa veterans legacy is secure is not accurate right i just wanna disminished diminish his accomplishments to this point.

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