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We are back here on. Wednesday afternoon. More of your calls at eight five two four to seven to eight five Barbara is in Tennessee. Hey, Barbara how other how oh, please. Are you gonna learn that? You're not going to get these things bad about Nick Savin. Let's just talk about Butch Jones for meaning it and hold on Barbara. I don't think I understand what you're saying. What are you saying? Well, thought the life three way he's talked about is Nick Sabin and you've got nowhere. He's. I've got nowhere. I mean, all we've done is to comment on on the most embarrassing performance of his career, Alabama tha-. That's all we're done. We haven't done anything. There is national championship game fast. But anyway, let me tell you something oh made you mad on day. But less. Yes, he say been hired books Jones. But lesson cana- say is that oh John's six million dollars. So I don't hear you John in about that much. What will Barbara? Are you? Are you familiar with how contracts work? Well, yes, I know why the contract. Well, Butch Jones had a contract with the university of Tennessee for X number of dollars. And they chose to fire him therefore he based on contract law is entitled to receive money for his contract that he signed in good faith with the university. So what is your objection to him receiving that money? Oh, no, no. Hey much. Well, you act like it was it was shooting. Now, I'm trying. I'm trying to understand is what you're unhappy about here. Well, I'm unhappy. If you really want to know about Holly Warlick, okay, found out what you're unhappy about. I feel like a doctor here you came into see me, and we tried to find the root of the problem. And I finally diagnosed it wasn't Nick Sabin. It wasn't Butch Jones. Whoa. He's the best one on. What was ailing do is Holly Warlick? Yes. I think I have a cure for that. Shut up and get off. No, no, no, absolutely. Not. I would never say that. The cure for that is for Tennessee to keep winning which they won Sunday against LSU. Sure. You know, that well, gee way no one in c. Did you say sex or so what'd you say? Yeah. Yeah. You're what I say. Which? Want and sl at I love. Six six straight. Oh, not sex sex. You can you can confuse six six. I'm not I can funny. I was just pointing out the difference between six. One six one six. Well, I don't know. Real bad fan where do you live barber? You live in Tennessee. Barracks. Chemists say Berg, Tennessee. That's the some good good. Good whiskey there. No, no. He's got the wrong. It's got the wrong place. So I was just thinking about west in six I mean, okay. I, you know, this is one of these conversations. I just can't seem to get anywhere with that drawn and out to talk to you later. Well, now, I'm getting blown off your back. I hurt. That really hurt me a lot. I thought I was can make conversation with her and. Didn't seem to work out. Very well. I got the wrong pretty much every I thought I thought I thought lawrenceburg was where they made Jack Daniels said some other city. I thought that's where they perjured Jack Daniels. Imagine dreaming Ben is in Chicago. Hey, Ben, what's up? All we're doing great. Thank you. That's good. Yeah. I'm up here in the boulevard Tech's I have them how okay before we get to your your question. Give us a weather report. Well, I'm looking outside out three feet of snow having stepped outside though. I know that inside my house where we're hovering around freezing around thirty five degrees downstairs, I got a little mini radiator set up in my room. So I should be fine about way, by the way Lynchburg Tennessee's where they make Daniel. It's not lawrenceburg. Large. Berg is where they make nice ladies who are pleasant on the phone. Okay. Back to back back to. So have you been outside today? No, I was spending on putting on my swim trunks and going outside later tonight for coming out. You know, maybe in the lake. Yeah..

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