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So you gotta go inc. This is This is the first of december so get on get on it quickly Okay we're gonna throw it. Chris laid we had a lovely discussion with. He loves golf. The obviously very talented at it. And we've got some great stories about playing golf with the fellas and all that good stuff so without further ado. Here is our chat with christly. Everyone out there listening if you don't. We're joined by chris lane. He's a country music singer. Songwriter country star. He's boys with a lot of our with a lot of our doing golf trips with a lot of our guys so into the show and your big offer right yet do thanks for having me on appreciate a big fan of the show Yes huge golfer dude. I love it so much. I wish i was a lot better as we all yet. But i will say that this year it has provided a the most opportunities ever in my life to play now that we can't get out there and tour So the silver lining in it is. I guess you could say that. I've been able to play a lot more golf than what i normally would Love that arnold. So how's your games. You're getting better right now than i've gotten better for sure I started out at the beginning as a twelve now down to an eight. But i can't. I can't imagine myself getting much better than that at this point. Gotta make some more us before the hands did. I'm pretty similar. We actually talked about this earlier this year. Or one of the podcasts. That like one of our listeners sent in the question was do. You think you've shot your career low already right. Unlike getting getting a year relatively new to golf golf wasn't my junior life. Your your whole life so but for for me. I don't play golf pretty much. My whole life prices five or six but really been into it since i was say like sixteen seventeen. I'm thirty three now. So it's like. I'm only gonna get worse than like fatter and like shittier looking like shitty so like in my really gonna have played my best round yet or not an. I think it's probably fifty one percent that i've i've shot my career low already. What what is your love. Nash shot a seventy two friars had like two years ago. But i'm like a five..

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