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Already who's on five o'clock Jin, Mike what up Mike how you doing man? I Jame other the gut check game tonight. Guts and our belly to play this game tonight. I think we do Mike I believe in this team. I think you're right though, it is a gut check game. Hey, man. Now, what's the NCAA gonna do? Now. They have to bury kin big ten teams in the ban in Michigan state ended up in the final game. What are you say? My god. I don't know about that. That was going to be tough. I mean, it can happen. You're right. Anything can happen. And I appreciate the phone call anything can happen. But. We're we're a little bit too far from that one that one right there. I'm a. I'm just glad to see that. The state of Michigan is playing good basketball everywhere. I like what you're talking about with the ten ten teams getting in. I would love to see that one Mike. Oh, no people people tens of tense tough. That's that's tough. So I mean, I think eight or nine is probably gonna what's gonna be more likely. But again like you said there's so much to go. I mean, what if what if Michigan in Michigan? I don't know both of them would get necessarily once but say we were on the same side of the bracket. Yeah. So you know, we can't meet in the finals. We only meet that would be great to meet them in the final four. But. But no lot of exciting. Big ten basketball to go into get men's great. Even the fact that they're talking about a potential ten teams, which I believe would be the record. I think nine is the most so far. Well, double check on that one. But it would be incredible to get ten teams in there. Sure. Yeah. I mean for the big ten would look great. I mean, remember everybody was talking about the big ten last year. How good they were going to be. And it turned out. The victim was a joke. I I mean does not my words. Those words of the pundits. It wasn't as good as every as it was advertised everybody off from all the top pundits said the big team was going to be this this and this. Now, it happened this year Picton is playing well all of the teams are playing good basketball even Rutgers. Rutgers. I'm just telling you tell you they're playing. Well. So I mean, really. They can they can eliminate themselves by by playing. You know what I'm saying? And you got a great record. But you go on you go on a skid a skid. Boom. You messed up. I mean, you you you've got to win some games on the road. You gotta go on the road be road warriors and get outta there. You know, I'm not saying you gotta go in there and blow somebody out I'm saying you've got to go in there and win and then get out of there. That's what you're trying to do win and move on to the next opponent. 'cause the big ten it is a it is a it has teams that can beat you. There are teams out there that can beat you. So to say. Kind of crazy. Jamie. I'm looking. Rutgers might be a stretch get to know. I didn't say make it. I didn't say that. I said they're a good team. They're going to give you a game. They're not looking nobody is a doormat anymore. That's what I'm saying to you. You're getting you're going to get a good game. I mean, everybody said that Illinois is a team that you can be. Yeah. But they're gonna give you a game. They don't give you a tussle you'll have to work hard. You've had to bring you you better bring your game. Or are they going gonna get escape with a win? I'm sorry. It is not an easy win. There's not a venue that you can go to and get an easy win. Just say. No, I agree with you. Because you know, we ended up beating Penn State, I think was by like thirteen and they're they're the bottom of the barrel in the big ten right now at O one eight seven and twelve overall. But but again, they've got some players where that Wilkins was killing us for that. Yeah. Right. Team where you catch them. And we do have to go visit Penn State later in the year. But yeah, I'm taking a look 'cause minus those bottom three teams of Penn State Illinois in Rutgers. Ohio State is is next up on the list their tenth right now. In the big ten. I think. Eleventh in the big ten in their twelve and six and I go higher states not playing up to their capability. No, absolutely. I I really think they're a better team than what they've shown. You've got to watch Ohio State. They just need a key win somewhere of Michigan. But they need a key win somewhere to get them Motors going again, you know, what I'm saying your because they're not as bad as their their record shows. I I mean. Maybe I could be wrong. Likely I'm wrong. But I'm just saying I see they got a lot of guys that came back, but they're just not playing up to their capabilities. Yeah. No, I wholeheartedly agree with you. And I think that most people would say they're the most disappointing team so far again play. Yeah. Without a doubt. But know, Jamie, just as I'm going again. So many teams starting with Ohio State twelve and six northwestern twelve and seven Indiana twelve and seven Nebraska thirteen in six Minnesota fourteen in five sixteen four for Iowa. Wisconsin is thirteen in six Purdue thirteen and six Maryland sixteen in four us eighteen in one in Michigan state eighteen into I mean, all those teams. Even even house, even though they have faltered. I mean, they're they're still not. I mean, they're not out of it. If they can come up with some of these big wins, they can work themselves back in it. But out of all those teams those eleven teams. I mean, there's a good chance save the NCWA takes between eight nine of them. You do not want to be that last team out. And I'm and I'm taking a look in. How a lot of these twelve and seventeen or thirteen and six teams make for themselves. It's when you upset one of the big boys because that's one thing that they point at later on in turn right around selection time is. Oh, yeah. If they're right around the same record is this team in the big ten who beat Michigan or Michigan state. That's that's cool. We'll get you into the tournament versus what keeps you out? Right. Exactly. So I mean, look these teams have gone. I mean, we say this makes us feel good about it that possibly ten teams. But I mean. Honestly, don't know. I I mean last year. What was it was just four right? That made it I mean. You still got to play games to be played. And now you're in the big ten conference. So like, I said, you don't want anybody reaching up, and grabbing if you if you're supposed to win go win don't be confident because you're going into someone's house. Look Michigan's this game is going to be something else. It's gonna be something out. I know it's going to be wild there. I just had that feeling because this is what they live for in Bloomington. Exactly. It'll be interesting at look and this coach and this team needs a win. They need a win. They've lost four straight. I don't know if Archie search. Have a real signature wins since he's been at Indiana. No, I don't I don't think. So I mean, he's continued everyone talks about the program. On the rise. They were you know, obviously, it was a big get for them. Landing romeo. Langford keeping him in the state of Indiana, not letting him escape. Those other freshmen down at Duke. But but yeah, searching for a win and again a fan base desperate for a big time victory. Something to give them hope something for them to believe in an all, man. I just want to squash those dreams right here tonight. Jayme. Oh, no. You're right yacht. Look, it's got to be done. And you gotta go out there. And let them know that this is going to be a game. I look I don't know what you do to come out. Just gotta come out and ball out. You got to set a tone. You can't let them get a big a big lead on you. If they if they take the lead, you stay you stay within striking distance. They in the game focused on the game. You know, what they haven't been? I'm thinking Michigan's been behind for. I mean other than Wisconsin game. But they came back. They storm back. So they got the capability of it. But you gotta stay in that game. That's that's a key. You can't let them get out there and get too far ahead when you're in a hostile situation. There you go the word hostile. Yeah. Because again, let last game it's a little bit. You know, we really struggled to start. But it's it's a little bit easier playing at home. Why not you get off to that? Same start against Indiana. Not so easy again. That was I don't I don't by. No means do I have any indication that that will be the case tonight. You get off to a slow start like that in a place like Bloomington, Indiana. It's almost impossible to come back. Now, it is seven three four nine eight ten fifty seven three four nine and eighteen got the phone lines open. Give us a call if you'd like. I mean, we gotta figure it out together. If we got something going on, which if you think that it'll be a problem. Maybe you think you may not be a problem. Seven three four not at ten fifty. Let's go the high octane, Mike, Mike. Jamie.

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