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This is what's right is right? What's wrong is wrong. A hard, six weeks, no more. Little longer than the end of ten weeks. I guess that's more than enough. More than enough time. September twenty. Second till November. Thirtieth is your window that's down with that. I'm doubtful. Ample people have shorter amount of time to enjoy something. They enjoy it more like Christmas, yeah, Christmas, we need to stop like the fact that there are some Crispus things out at target right now is terrifying. That's bad. And that's wrong. That makes me. Taliban more, oh, man. Right. That's exactly right. Hey, well, there's a lot more feedback about the hardest thing that you've ever done over on the podcast page. Go check it out. This is a long show. So I just figured we. Okay. For this week's. Earlier in the show we got talking about. Genealogy in a fantastic book that aren't. This weekend. And we want to know the weirdest thing you know about your family history. You know, ancestor who famously did something now I don't want the thing of like Woollam five steps related to wolf Errol. I don't care. I don't care. Family we are. We are. We are distantly related fail moms, the federal money subtitled. If you read the subtitle of your father. Pretty sure does talk about. You were just casually dropping that in there because it's actually true, but I don't wanna know that talking about some random long way away the history. It's a string feral Cameron and Farley families. Is it Chris. Farley families. All of the those are the grandparents, four grandparents are welfare and Chris Farley, Chris Farley. But we are married. We will find out because this is this is. This is a torrid tale of four families, the strings the Cameron's, the ferals in the far Leys. I can't wait is giving my favorite rated. It gets made the same day. This comes out half of which went on to launch media empires. The other half to be the breakout stars of SNL and their generates c. Beans in acts of our center. The comedians of generation others, we'd a lot of chilis. Yes, we went to know your craziest, genealogy stories, things that you've learned about.

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