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And for removing noise to reach a target distribution through the guidance of the input low resolution image and quote seeing how well as our three worked in upscaling images. They tried to second approach with c. d. m. or class conditional diffusion model and of that they say quote cd-rom as a class conditional. Diffusion model trained on image net data to generate high resolution natural images since image nat is a difficult high entropy data. Set we built. Cd am as a cascade of multiple diffusion models. This cascade approach involves chaining together multiple genitive models over several spatial resolutions. One diffusion model that generates data at a low resolution followed by a sequence of assad three super resolution diffusion models that gradually increase the resolution of the generated image to the highest resolution and quote. Would that translate to is something you can see in the examples that they've shown link over in the show notes. So you can see that in one example of a head shot of a man at sixty four by sixty four pixels which is tiny literally probably thumbnail-sized upscale the to fifty six to fifty six and then again two thousand twenty four thousand twenty four so megapixel or so and if you're judging the quality of each you'd say that they look the same they're just increasingly larger what you would traditionally expect when upscaling an image by four times and then four times again from sixty four by sixty four pixels would be incredibly blackie unusable. Just something you would not want to use. You would delete that file instead. You got an image that you can easily post and no one would even know it was once tiny. You just wouldn't you can even print that thing. It's not perfect but it's pretty close now. How you take something. That should be blackie and make it look like a photo that's larger. No less is something. I just can't wrap my mind around that's craziness somehow. They've managed to make this happen and over time. It's only gonna get better. Imagine all the photos out there on your hard drives and elsewhere that cannot only be made larger but have more details. Well that's coming and it's pretty darn exciting. I think next it.

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