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No in engine staff nah nah all right here we go so i'm excited about this this is an exciting i am reports stereo podcast got utah jazz high flying 3point shooting rookie sensation donovan mitchell i'm not sure but i think this might be used first podcast i can't confirm or deny that for new listeners of the iron rappaport stereo podcast this is michael rappaport a k the gringo mandingo ak white mike it came as to why folks and we pride ourselves on know fact checking okay we pride ourselves on know fact checking here at the i am rappaport stereo podcast this this is going to be duisi donovan mitchell is going to be a household name he's going to be a nimby a star soon he slowly emerging he was drafted under the radar and he's made a splash organically the organic way the old fashioned way on his own accord by his own merit and his is doing the talking um and his plays bringing them to the forefront of a nba fans attention he's been shouted out in talked about all by lebron james carmelo anthony paul george chris paul all were big fans in russell westbrook and talking about all that and more with donovan mitchell but first listen christmas is over ladies and gentleman it's over okay it was a great holiday you know the presence gave him you received them um but it's time it take the tree down time to take the lights down okay my block in los angeles is heavily lit up by christmas lights and they were great you know six weeks ago people started putting up six weeks ago on my block k it's time to take him down it's time to move forward cates not it's not a it's not a holiday anymore there's no more balloons there's no more streamers it's just a wednesday occur or maybe tsa thursday okay but the party's over take the trees out take the lights down take the candles down and move on it's time to move on care camp emphasizes anymore especially if you're grown up.

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