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Of what might buy New Jersey time. Time. 705 years. New Jersey Fast traffic There is just one issue in the Garden State Parkway. There is a North bound crash heading in the Lacey Township right near Exit. 77 1, Right lane blocked, But delays are fairly light behind that, In fact, traffic on the parkway looks pretty good tonight. Turns like moving along. Well, now in Clifton route, 21 North Battle Laser bumper to bumper heading back up to the merge with route 46. It looks like right near the entrance ramp from the Garden State Parkway Back on the 46. We've gotta crash. So again, both 46 route 21 very heavy and Clifton right now. And better news in Jersey City. They cleared away a crash on Route one and nine north bound by totally circle, But we are still fitting out if you're heading in off the Pulaski Skyway, and then some more stop and go under the covered roadway. So if you're heading down to the Holland Tunnel right now, the 19 approach at least a 15. Maybe 20 minute delay. Turnpike approach looks pretty good Lincoln Tunnel under five minutes and the GWB find on both levels. This report sponsored by indeed dot com, Indeed, instant match searches through millions of resumes, and indeed the database to deliver candidates who fit your job description instantly. Lord indeed dot com slash credit traffic every 15 minutes. Next report 7 18 from the N J Auto lending traffic desk. I'm Jeff from a New jersey when a 1.5 bills Spadea, We've got to spread the word of normalcy. We've got to spread the word of critical thinking, and we're not going to allow government arbitrarily control our behavior. That's what's going on in New Jersey. Weekday mornings on New Jersey one at 1.5 you digging in with me and then j. 115 dot com hot flashes irritability into.

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