Lafayette Square, Mark Esper, President Trump discussed on The Vegas Take


Chiefs chairman mark Bailey says he made a mistake when he appeared with president trump at a photo op in Lafayette square last week working correspondent Bob Costantini defense secretary mark esper who did stand with the president during a photo op that included Mr trump holding up a Bible has also expressed misgivings about the optics of the moment joint chiefs chairman general mark Milley was in battle fatigues that evening but did not stand in front of St John's church still he tells graduates of the national defense university you should not have participated in the walk over at all wait where the cloth of our nation come from the people of our nation we must hold dear the principle of an apolitical military Millie making clear he believes the walkover was designed to show the president as tough on protesters while reaching out to his evangelical base Costantini Washington the president opposes changing the names of U. S. space is named after Confederate leaders but house speaker Nancy Pelosi says he may be out of step you listen to who they are and what they said and then you have the president make a case as to why they should be named for them he seems to be the only person left who doesn't get it but then again treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin tells CNBC the economy can't be shut down a second time for the corona virus because it would cause too much damage we couldn't be more pleased with the success of the PPP and you saw that in the unemployment numbers are not only did we save millions and millions of jobs but there's no question in my mind the increase in jobs was a direct result of the PPP and re opening the economy those are both very important factors more than forty four million Americans have lost work because of the pandemic another one point five million lost jobs last week but the pace of.

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