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So racial hollis on the podcast thank you my friends eight clearing issue all talk later so much love to rachel hollis for being on the show today are really love that girl she is just the real deal you guys just as genuine and truthful and honest as they come so as always everything we talked about in mentioned is going to be over on my website on the transcript page for the podcast edge and have maker dot com so all the links you need all of rachel's handles everywhere she's at you will to find her over their links to preorder her book everything everything everything plus always bonus pictures all did some pictures of rachel an eye out from our ethiopia trip that we mentioned twice and now was sort of our are really that was when we solidified our friendship for sure so i'll make sure you have plenty of other stuff over there so you guys thanks for joining thanks for joining the show thanks for tuning in we're trying to make this this series for the love new beginnings really strong for you we went up a lotta great content in your hands a lot of really good ideas a lot of tools and resources of that's what you're reaching four in a lot of different areas and so comeback next week because the guests are so strong is so amazing so wise and experts in their fields and so am we love providing you with amazing and guests and content immaterial is like such a choice so anyway as always thanks for being here you guys thanks for listening it's just such a pleasure to serve you like this is my favorite thing that i do thanks were reviewing and raiding the podcast to that always helps okay so until next week have a great wind and we'll see next week on the show.

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