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The comforts that you would normally have it into a routine and routines are crucial for professional athletes it's it's so important to be able to maintain that everything's going to be different if anything it should add to whoever wins the championship this year it's going to be so it's going to be a completely different environment to have to overcome I mean we don't talk about any of the shortened seasons the the Nasrec on any of those seasons the ninety nine season with the stars at the two thousand eleven thousand so no one ever mentions it was a shortened season for the bonds first championship so it it it it's just silly the pelicans on imitation to Orlando to restart and they will be battling for that final playoff spot in the west they'll probably need to win at least five of their eight remaining games to stay within for Memphis and invoke a play in series for the final CD the details of who New Orleans will play will still need to be ironed out but the clippers are the only top seed remaining on their schedule cans would be playing mostly lower seeded teams including San Antonio who just lost the market's Aldridge for this season so the west seats eight to thirteen of the Grizzlies at eight four three and a half games over Portland Blazers at nine in the pelicans attend kings spurs and sons they're all within a half game of each other nine seed look at design on its power I apologize to our radio audience he doesn't even he doesn't look like either what what not this one what what's not this block this is difficult I think but let's watch the next one just watch this just hours how strong he is is a nineteen years old look at this he's just he has a natural electrical stimulation plan was gas yeah well I hope we get to see him in the playoffs but it's looking like it's winding up but if they if they win the games are supposed to win they'll have a good opportunity to make it and so Joe the news well that's the news thanks for stopping by get your free credit score card today even if you're not a discover customer learn more at discover dot com slash credit score card limitations apply he's been covering the NBA since the nineties LA a New York times LA Daily News got a podcast the full forty eight with Howard back and he joins us with the character Howard the fire in the lead I would have gone eighteen sixteen let's go right to the playoffs create urgency I don't want to risk any more games of coal van door guys getting hurt but they're gonna go twenty two games how does it land for you like it or not no hello no I'm with you on this one I thought that the most streamlined the most straightforward and the safest approach was sixteen teams the eight top eight news conference as it stood on March eleventh when the season was suspended and I would say even go to back to the old best of five first round which is a lot more fun and more dramatic anyway and get through this as quickly as you can while still keeping the integrity of the post season intact but more teams more bodies means more risk that's just the basic math and science of this it's undeniable and the NBA of course will do everything possible to keep it safe I understand that and I understand the twenty two teams means more games means more revenue and that's really really important and it is the driving reason to have twenty two instead of sixteen but yeah if we were going to be doing this it surely in deference to the situation as it exists now the corona virus and the pandemic and the reason you were shut down in the first place then you would go with fewer teams and less risk but I understand why they need to go to twenty two you know you you guys and I'm trying to kind of figure out this is obviously so different who gets an advantage and I keep going back to the Lakers are an old team and they didn't have to grind another twenty games out and it also will shorten practices who are the smarter guys in this league the veterans guys that have been around and you got rondo's and Danny green's on lebron James I can make the argument Howard this has been a huge break for the Lakers is that is that the team or is there another team you think that this time off was actually a little convenient a break for them well this is like the grand reset this is like taking your old video game system click on the reset button everybody's healthy now Simmons and Embiid were banged up they're healthy Yanis under control had a bad knee that had kept him out for a couple games we don't know how much longer would be yeah this is presumably healthy now now the spurs lost market alters the surgery during the shutdown Bogdanovich of the jazz but everybody else Colin has just gotten healthy so it benefits everyone equally in that regard I think you touch on one aspect of this which is the teams that are smart and veteran teams that have a ton of postseason experience as the Lakers do maybe that benefits you because you've been in more situations and you'll adapt better to this weird bubble environments in Orlando but we're all just guessing here let's face it is it easier for a younger team a stronger team to jump back into full speed basketball after months off is it harder on the older players because they got older creek your bones and ligaments I mean I don't think we really no I don't think that there are there are there are good answers to any of this we won't know until they actually get to the bubble and we see them play yeah like Toronto by the way veteran team I mean if the veteran thing matters it could be a raptors Lakers final because they got you got a bunch of smart due to have been around the league a long time Howard back joining us now that were you know there's there's been people that and I'm one of them that I thought let's get this going as fast as we can the virus perhaps is weakened by heat you know let let's let's get him going July tenth it's going to be July thirty first will be in the cross hairs of the World Series of the NFL season I guess this is the best they can do do you think the NBA wasted a little bit too much time in rebooting in your opinion no absolutely not I'm you're the first you have to wait for the situation on the ground to change right it's that whole a phrase about it's not about the date it's about the data so first you had to to get things to a certain point with regard to the pandemic to be able to feel like this was safe but there's also a lot of planning and run up that's required yeah he's never done this yes thirty teams are pretty close to it go to summer league but those are NBA teams those are some rookies and a bunch of free agents and they've had in Vegas for years they've never done this call in this is brand new they've never brought twenty two full NBA caliber teams with their staffs and all that it entails and played actual games were real regular season or playoff games in a neutral site for three months potentially that's you know that that requires a lot of planning and so on top of that these players need time to get back up to speed they've never been off this long this is not like an off season we're still playing pick up and you still have access to gyms and your team practice facility no they've got nothing a lot of these guys didn't have a basket to shoot at much less all the other training equipment that they need so if you're going to make sure that you are doing as much as you can to minimize injury and and take care of these players you gotta give them plenty of time and you need the two weeks of course you once they arrive so it this is this is the the best I think they could have done under the circumstances to Kevin Durant's like I'm shut down I'm not playing if somebody argue the other days have like four hundred days off it was Chris Broussard do you come back I I don't have a problem I kind of feel like for the warriors and Kevin Durant the whole thing is just kind of a let's.

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