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Good sports announcer named do and i love it more connections here between fast times and ladybird coming from danny hensel he's in ann arbor michigan i'll he only did his homework here of course the medically he says california high schoolers in awkward step sister cities cameron crowe's book took place in san diego not quite los angeles and ladybird is set in sacramento laboured herself acknowledges the city's relationship to san francisco twice in the movie another one both movies take place over one school year botha fast times subplots are echoed in ladybird speckled these fights with mr hand are akin to lady birds prank against the mother superior and brad's jobs are reminiscent of the mcpherson family's financial struggles okay danny says that once a bit i didn't think it was weak while he's not on a number of respected actors make early appearances in both eric stoltz forrest whitaker nick cage jennifer jasonleigh that movie to ladybird besides the still young sir sharon in there's lucas hedges timothy shallah may be any feldstein or daya rush catherine newton and even daniel mcdonald's patty cakes is in one un shot jennifer jasonleigh was mary to know a bomb back and start in greenberg with bomb baxter partner greta girl wig and don't forget stoltz who's in bombay backs first three movie unbelievable i need a danny was working on ninety five danny needs a film flooding tshirt i think we might just have to gift him one for all of that information of course we considered all of those when we the fastest danny can you check if search roane and was really born and he acts look that up for us dave meligan in ridgewood new jersey i just love this by friend and i went too fast times with his big sister and her boyfriend my friend and i hid in the car's trunk as we drove by the ticket booths we wouldn't have to pay and now that drivein theatre is closed partially my fault save i mean even what what could it ticket have cost in 82 at the drive in about a buck fifty two much for dave egner and i'm trying to imagine me mr hyper a claustrophobia being stuck in a car's trunk it would have to be for one point five million dollars in order.

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