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Shit skype. Told them like no we out on you know. No no double in yoda that cab. Las i really get a chance to talk about that. Cadillacs virgil ortiz. Which i think is a great fight. People keep sleeping on cava las man. I know we got our jokes. You know what i mean. Green eggs and ham meaning But listen the mark crowd lobster crab. It's like it's a lot of join. What is to listen. What is not coming joke. Though is he's taken on virgil ortiz. And that is a great fight for virgil. Because virgil guests the see. Virgil this coming in at the level like this would be like a great opportunity for virgil and if but is not gonna get the opportunity. He's got to fight porter. That's one thing but say he doesn't get the opportunity reporter fight porter because this is boxing. If virgil beats cava. Las vegas virgil and bud. Fight makes sense. I don't know how golden boy would put that together But i would think that. Top ranking golden boy would have mutually vested interests since. Pbc got so much going on at welterweight. I've been golden boy in and Top rate that fight because urgel even better test common opponent. I love to fight all the way around and i got kavalyauskas winning that believe it or not. I lost his winning. That one. got cav alaska's beating. Virgil i do. Wow well hunts not good. That's good i remember. You made your name for yourself like that. Picking up said i believe bradley kidding me a woman can do. You can do it. You know. i don't know the kavalyauskas short being when he didn't show me enough in the coffered fi. And he definitely you know miquel. Zukowski ain't enough to show me. Is he like you know is i. Don't know wow virgil listen. I'm going by degrees of separation. And i know it's not absolute science but cab office came out of there with a fought but crawford in the he went on the fight. Zeus key right now. Zukowski definitely you know on a level of but virgil ida had a good show against zeus zeus. You would have been a good opponent from birds with my question is more. So what has virgil done. Other than the power. I don't get drunk off power. That's what i'm saying. Like y'all might be going with virgil because everybody's gonna call and say the power the power the power. I don't get drunk off a power. So virgil year. He's got the power. I haven't seen enough. Boxing and i don't think he's been sharpened enough. Get enough competition. I mean i could probably agree with the last statement you know. He hasn't been sharpened enough against high level competition but the boxing is air champion. He's shown you the boxy showing you his ability to be able to you know time is shot and shoot at the right times and as defense is pretty good. I mean he's impressed me. He's impressed me. I do agree that We haven't seen him with the upper echelon. That could show us what he's made out of. But how does he get to that upper. Echelon you know who's office kavaliauskas. And i think the kavaliauskas is going to be on the chopping block chain and all power to egypt. Not saying anything. I'm not going to say. This is going to be easy. Breezy fight but this is virgils like overwhelming aggression. And the way that he puts out that aggression he's not sloppy. It's just to me. It's a it's something that very few fighters can do. You know you got a lot of fighters like we spoke about margarito and the type of mar fighter. Margarita was his ability to give you a crash and good placement on his punches. In a virgil gives me that. But it's just with him is more veracity virgils. Really trying to take you out. He has good killer. I think that I think he's ready now for that. Upper echelon and we're gonna see this in the kavaliauskas fight you'll see mark. My words clinton that energy and trying to stop kavaliauskas might be his downfall. That might be the factor. Right did he plays. he's gonna play into it that's his style to. That's his style to Maybe you're right in a sense that of versus going to have to find a way to box. You know he's not gonna go to head on bull straight with the eagles. I think his team's gonna be a little smarter about that. So you're you're you might be right about that Stock going to be something that he's gonna wanna go in there and steam room. Oh what was that your bands in the back call back alive to chicago town. Hey daddy this adult don't make you the quick. It's steve steve. Emmy we though we hear you champ loud and clear. Do me just impatient. I'll the creek swarm onto the field. Good morning i like Like how i mean broke it down. i'm not picking mean machine but you know this'll good you know on his finally woken up. Finally get a good fight from there. I don't know what to say as far as You guys had a great gust man shut off the brand from houston bringing in these guests. Really been doing a great job for you guys. I'm just this is finally a good five a good fight this weekend and I don't really have much to add already. What was said Just looking forward to the fight who you picking.

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