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Major retailers worldwide, a combining machine learning software and artificial intelligence in a push to cut labor costs, do away with the irritation of long lines and have a critical data about shopping behavior caring for her ever stresses. But human workers, at least in the short term would still be needed to support customers and assist the machines. Handy, Vice CEO of the franchise that operates the store tells The Associated Press. We do believe in physical stores in the future. There is no future without humans. I'm Charles De Ledesma. AP News I'm Jackie Quinn, US Secretary of State, Antony Blank in a defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are overseas this week to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. The U. S is under pressure to help the remaining Americans and green card holders leave the country. There are several reports of planes not being allowed to leave Afghanistan. But officials there refused to report there might be Americans on board President Biden, his return to the White House from the holiday weekend, was asked if he would recognize the Taliban government, he said. That's a long way off. Biden did observe the holiday with labor leaders at an event held by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers president shook hands and at one point Talked into a phone to a union members Mother. But Labor Day marked the end of $300 weekly supplemental unemployment benefit checks implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic. An estimated 8.9 million Americans are losing some or all of the benefits. Mike Grossi, a Washington The president will tour hurricane damage in New York and New Jersey Garden. State Governor Phil Murphy says at least six people died in Hunterdon County in flooding. God rest. The souls of those we lost, keep their families in your There's in New Orleans. The city is investigating the deaths of five senior citizens who died in apartments where generators failed, and there was no air conditioning or electricity. The city Council's Christian Palmer, they're hiding under this loophole of independent living. They're like, Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's not our responsibilities independent living. I'm like it's not independent living. If there's no power, and you're in a wheelchair on the fourth floor schools in Memphis and other cities, and Shelby County, Tennessee will keep mask mandates. For now a judge halted the governor's plan to let parents opt their kids out. Hollywood is mourning the death of actor Michael K. Williams, known for his role on the Wire. Police think it was an overdose at his apartment in New York. This is a P news. As we near the anniversary of the 9 11 attacks. Some are looking back at life before that day. One thing that changed dramatically was air travel Security. T s a administrator David Pitkowski tells the AP screening steps are very serious. It's definitely not security Theater. Um, you know, we spend a lot of money and we have you know, uh, you know, uh, you know, 60,000 people in this agency dedicated to ensure that the transportation system is secure. Bail has been denied for former Marine sharp. Shooter accused of invading the home of a parent strangers in Polk County, Florida and fatally shooting a woman, her three month old baby and two others, Sheriff Grady Judd tells Wftv STV, the suspect confessed. They begged for their lives and I kill them anyway. Authorities say Brian Riley may have mental illness, his girlfriend told authorities Cuban acting strangely recently. I'm Jackie Quinn. A P news. The Middle East has got its first completely automated cashier less store as a retail giant rolls out its vision for the future of the industry in a cavernous Dubai mall. Like Amazon's breakthrough unmanned grocery stores that open in 2018, the Carrefour mini market looks like any ordinary convenience store. But hidden among the familiar fare lies a sophisticated system that tracks shoppers movements, eliminating the checkout line and allowing people to grab the products. They'll walk out with only those with the stores. Smartphone app may enter nearly 100. Small surveillance cameras blanket the ceiling. Countless sensors lined the shelves. Five minutes after shoppers leave their phones ping with receipts for whatever they put in their bags. I'm Charles de Ledesma, a safety net put in place for millions of people around the country because of the pandemic ends today. Federal unemployment benefits. $300 a week Federal benefit, which was made available to the unemployed on top of the regular state jobless aid expires today. More than 11 million people in 35 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will lose at least some benefits, according to economist Greg Dacko. At Oxford Economics of those, almost nine million will lose All their jobless aid 25 states seeking to push the jobless back to work had already halted. The federal aid, in addition to other federal unemployment programs also end today, one that extended payments to gig workers and the self employed another that extended for long term unemployed. I'm Julie Walker. Some hell of a good different milking real.

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