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One hundred and forty four thousand unimmunized dragging babies Joe. They're breathing measles. That's what the fire-breathing is. It's not locust kissed. It's fire babies terrifying a heat. This so like I said. There's no access to birth control or PRE OR POST NATAL. Care for the women that are expected to just pop out illiterate fire-breathing. Jersey no big deal. I can donkey. What how many babies did they have? They had Shrek and donkey dot have babies Dragon Their Yari. So people did become ill. The elders or shepherds would go to the person and see if there was anything in them that they needed to quote. Get out such as passenger vans fair but Jesus take care of those such as confessing their sins such as impure thoughts insubordination would be sick. All the time could be causing illness. If someone was ill they would be allowed to use in most areas. Some of them. Don't even let them do this Holistic practices from the commune's Medical Guide and they would be prayed over. I am so not okay with this. And I watched an interview where there's like a holistic treatments for like pre-clampsia and genetic disorders if a baby comes out yet it's no keep in mind. I said current LE- that there are not okay so they would be a lot easier listrik practices and they were not allowed to seek outside medical care and less in some of them. It was at the point of extreme urgency or danger and was approved by the elders. By that time it's too late. Usually F that no one former member recalls having issues during pregnancy and was not allowed to seek medical care when she went into Labor. She kept insisting that something was wrong but was not allowed to ask for any help until it was too late once she was allowed to access a midwife. They were not able to detect a heartbeat. She was still forced to deliver and the baby was taking away immediately. Once they returned to the community they were told that it was their fault and something that they had done made. God take the baby away. I HATE THEM HAIR. Getting to the fun stuff. A fun is used loosely. So everything is went into God's hands and he is expected to quote come through and if he didn't it is your fault at not. No no no no no no she of multiple women who either miscarried or lost a child during delivery but claimed it was treated as a normal occurrence and that the couple would be punished for the loss to the and the children that are born or brought into the community in most cases are home schooled looking to rebecca who I. I've okay with your home schooling yes I obviously. It was much better than my public. Schooling don't even go there. And they are generally made perform extreme manual labor such as working in the fields or the quote factories. So a lot of them they actually like back in the day. Used to work in like package up for like major medical or not medical make up brands Like they would package for like estee lauder and stuff like this back in like seventies eighties but of course the longer a thing but they do still produce candles homemade soaps stuff like that. They sell at local farmers markets and within some of their delis shops and the children are generally the ones know over boiling pots of wax making candles and whatnot. That's safe so the children have a very strict code which is laid out in the two hundred and sixty seven page child training manual. Oh and parents are required to attend monthly child training sessions. They're not puppies. The child training manual include. Oh No I love you. Tiffany don't forget that Scott so the first section that I pulled and I'm not obviously going to go through all of them but there's a section that are forty sayings for training children training children. I don't like this. They're not dogs a child. Self image is improved by his parents speaking directly to him. Okay Fair. I don't like this. Let your child know that you have faith in him to do better. I mean okay. Don't let your trialed tried to win. You buy stride strife. Don't let your child tried to win you by strife temper tantrums. Got it though faults in the Children. Reflect the faults in the parents You cannot trainee child. You cannot control spanking ministers to the entire child. Train your child to submit his selfish will. A person with a selfish will will never submit himself to Yoshua. This makes really uncomfortable. The rod must be used to correct wrong thoughts wrong birds and wrong deeds. Thoughts are powerful. There is no sin without thinking about it once. You've cited with your child against authority. You've ruined Tim. I'M GONNA rule ruin no way. My child is ruined. Don't allow your child to complain. Excuse me what. Don't allow your children to be bitter slothful or wasteful. Don't expect too much too soon. Okay train your child to submit willingly to his discipline. Make sure he bends over. Submissively guilt will not be removed unless he submits willingly. I'm really not okay with this. So some of the things that are included in their training practices If the children are caught playing pretend what they must be punished. No that's ninety. Five percent of children do they are believed hooping right. Make believe in pooping sometimes perfect life. Sometimes they do that well I wonder yeah fits perfect daydreaming time. It is so if they're caught playing pretend they are believed to have entered the unseen realm which is believed to be another world and they are being possessed by Satan so they entered the world of fairies. If they so much as imagine anything getting fire-breathing children is okay. Okay yes possessed by Satan right setting up pretend to be a fire. Breathing Dragon. You're not you have not depend teamed worthy to be a fire breathing dragon. Beatings must begin at six months as no no no if a baby wriggles while having their diaper change they can and should be spanked to keep them still no no. There are no toys allowed. No books that give human properties to nature are allowed so like smiling sunshine are talking animals or anything like that They're not allowed to speak to each other. Hold up unless it's approved by the adults quote covering them. I am so unhappy right now. There's talking animals in the Bible. I don't know it does aided that wasn't I well? I don't really follow the full Bible. Though so depending on where in the Bible that lands it may not be part of their word. Or however you talk about it so they're not allowed to speak to each other according to spriggs their founder. This can only lead to foolishness. I'M GONNA foolish your face. When a child receives their punishment. They are not allowed to cry. They must stand perfectly still head. Bent forward stay. Silent children can be punished by any adult in the commune. This is conditioning. Most Commun- subscribe to using a long rod or Dowell that can usually be found above. Most doorframes I am really not okay with any of this in the south we call that a switch. Yeah I mean I went to go pick your own I mean yes but like this is There's a video on the twelve tribes website on how to properly discipline. Your children called quote when the spanking stopped. All hell broke loose former L. REPORT. This we can but is it wouldn't be the first. Is it on Youtube? It's on their website at O- has it on their website. I don't want to do but movie wouldn't be the first. So a former elder who went by Hans is quoted to say? It looked as almost more like dog training. You're taking it down to a primal level. However once he had children of his own his mind shift didn't he and his wife left the tribe in two thousand nine with their children. Good so in. Nineteen eighty-four is called the raid of island palm which is where they went in Vermont. Okay took place where one hundred twelve children were removed from the community due to concerns of child abuse multiple rods were compensated but a judge called the search illegal and the children were all sent home. No and two thousand fourteen. A police raid removed. Forty children from a twelve tribes community in Germany after undercover footage reported physical punishment of multiple. Children do not search that video. Oh God no. They don't even show the beatings but they show like the adults. Interacting with the kids know. I can't so as we said the twelve tribes are still an active community and this is just like a minor little scratchy. Scratch the surface of the stuff that they have been and are involved in. Why are they still The group defends itself is simply following the dictates of the Bible Note. When a person uses the word Colt he usually means some group. He fears dislikes while we are from time. To time. Called a quote. We ARE NOT FALSE UNORTHODOX or extremist. That is true So on their website twelve tribes dot com. They have a question and answer section which. I don't understand if they don't have computers. How do they reply? But I digress and you see. This is where this came from. We do nothing other than what the word of the Bible have always called for as a reasonable response to God's love in sending his sutton Not How that works. Not at all a local bartender. I don't remember around which I think it's Chattanooga but he said it's still just as much of a Colt. Today's that was in the seventies. I don't support them in their hippie. Ultra Religious Freak ponytail wearing sandwich making serving the fruit of the spirit. My ass against spring. I have nothing against titties. But only this group right. I love bees others typically university of Chattanooga students who frequent the daily between classes and in the late hour the are more open to the twelve tribes. Of course they are because they're young and irrational. They don't like being called a Colt. I know that one student from University of Chattanooga says and besides even if they were sandwiches sandwich and they have really awesome sandwiches. That sounds like a college student. Yeah don't care the things they support. I don't want any part of. I don't want to give money to a place like that. No and I was listening to crap. I can't remember lame. The podcast is history freaks. I think it is One of the guys went before he knew a fully what was going on. And like so you pay for your meal and then there's an option for a tip but your servers not getting it now. So you're paying even more for your meal because the people that work there don't get paid any like they don't make any of that money goes back into the community but they don't have to claim any of it and it's a whole infuriating deal in the fact that is twenty twenty and this is still somehow okay was the part that really got to me so there is a website called question. Twelve tribes DOT com. So it's question. The number twelve tribes DOT COM and. They're dedicated to exposing the community and protecting the children of the twelve tribes slow up..

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