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Hey Jimmy here before we get started today just wanted to say thanks to Arias medical staffing for supporting the show Aureus. They're the experts in medical staffing with rewarding travel travel and full-time PT PTA. Jobs available nationwide for skilled therapists. Like you travel the country build your resume or make new friends or you will find the perfect job in a location. That's calling you and they'll provide you with full support every step of the way a U. R. E. US Medical Michael Dot com eight. Oh Am twenty twenty that stands for annual Orthopedic Meeting of the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy their big big conference April April third and fourth in Twenty Twenty in Minneapolis Saint Paul Mall of America head Spine and shoulder disorders integration over isolation is the topic this year. What will you learn? Why should you go highlighting the orthopedic investigator factors affecting patients with concussion? Injuries Interconnection of head and neck complex relationship between the neck can shoulder lab breakouts focused on skill acquisition. That's what you're going to get aerial Giordano Rob Lendl Joseph Gouges Paul Ludwig and Lieutenant Colonel James t mills are featured speakers checkout more at or so pt dot Org Blue Hill kind of attraction to it is that you're setting the insurance overlords. You're not beholden to anybody. But you in the patient was patient on from you what you have to offer them. I think it's really rewarding work because Euler cutting out some of the control so you're able to do what people really need practice looking at. CSM previews we. We do a lot of those look at it some programming most of the time giving you some things to look forward to maybe attend as you go to a big meeting today bringing James Spencer. James Ferry collected background travel physical therapist for a long time. Now he's doing something completely different in terms of what working for a facility and a little bit of concierge. PT Plus lives in Colorado. So I want to a little bit of local insight into the things that you should do outside of the conference center. Yeah I'm talking about what should you do while you're in Denver. You'RE GOING TO BE IN DENVER. Do Cool Denver things so we get inside James's brain there and talk a little bit about the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapist which he is a member in good standing of that Academy episode is brought to you by Owens recovery signs. They're a single source for. PT's looking for certification in personalized blood flow restriction rehabilitation training and the equipment. You need to apply properly in clinical practice. Find Online at Owens recovery. Science Dot Com on that Website research information about BF. Our training and application. And if you'd like to get certified Johnny and the team. They are the leaders in B. F. R. Certification. So see them first and listen to them. First Johnny's got his own podcast on itunes. The Owens Recovery Science podcast. The best conversations happen at happy happy hour. Welcome to ours forum award. This is the P.. T. podcast here's your host physical therapist. Jimmy Mackay leadoff like we usually do by saying thank you thank you. Thank you The reviews on itunes those are great selfishly because of an ego maniac but also because it lets us know the number one that someone's listening a number two what you WanNa hear when people give us their insight. It kind of helps us into programming. What else do we get on the show? Who else should we get on the show? So thank you Sharon. Sharon stuff online is the the biggest thing you can give really telling a friend telling a colleague and subscribing to the podcast on whatever platforms you. Listen to audio. Would that be I tunes the Almighty tunes or spotify Google play or a million other pod catchers out there so thank you thank you thank you. We've been doing a lot of pre stuff stuff and we're gonNA continue that tradition but completely spin it on its head as we bring back James Spencer to the show. Welcome back man to be back here. We've looked at a a lot of programming done previews we do that before we go to a conference I find some stuff I think is interesting. We bring the person WHO's presenting or an author on talk about it. It gives people some some insight into some programming. They may want to see or some things they might want to look up. But you and I want to do something a little bit different because your local to Denver Ver- where CSM is going to be this year. So you got like inside knowledge. And that's what we want to pick your brain four. I Yeah I hope so I hang Out in Denver a bit. I live A little ways outside in Aspen Colorado. So you know that's really what I want to push everybody to either before or after go get on. The ski slopes in a day or two out in the mountain yeah. I'm trying very hard to not say where the beer flows like wine but there it goes. I just said it like geography wise because I been there before to Denver Not Aspen. What's the distance between the two you know at the girls lives? We're not too far but I spent four hour drive okay. Up Over Mountain Mountain passes and around the hills and then back down our little valley here all right so Wilbert shorter in the summer. I said you were local. I'm in New York your your local to Denver. But you've spent some time there and so what I wanted to do is pick the brain of someone who knows it way better than me because again. I don't know the difference distance between Denver and Aspen. Aspen they could have been next to each other. You could tell me that I wouldn't difference so when people because Colorado Aspen Denver like it's a destination I mean it's a place people oh put on their calendar to go to. I wanted to give people some insight into some things. They must do outside of the conference. Yes coining corning l'excellent this fantastic go learn go network do the whole nine but also make sure to do something cool because as my dad told me. Hey man one day we're all GONNA be dirt dirt which sounds really morbid but what it means is do some cool stuff while you have the opportunity especially when you're in a cool city like Denver so if someone's coming into to Denver you you know what what's on your list to tell him. Do you know I think it's Kinda racking. My brain of all the different things have gone into Denver for the year and One Is Red Rock. It's not real close to the conference center but it's you know. Maybe a thirty minute Uber Ride and last night looking at PRICES ON UBER or lift. It was thirty bucks to get over there and they have these great outdoor concert fully natural amphitheatre just a really unique place and and there's not a whole lot going on for concerts during. CSM There is some local music there but they have hiking trails and the the Colorado Music Hall of fame and a bunch of other stuff that you could easily fill a day where it's it's not just an evening. Yeah Red rocks killer suggestion number one all out myself. I'm Dave Matthews Band Fan and they recorded a pretty great Album out there live album had a chance is to To kind of you know. Hike the steps hike around there a little bit. It is worth the trip. If if you're looking to get out and do some moving maybe WANNA get up early one day or you're GonNa stay a day later come a day early yet. Red Rocks being not terribly close but also not terribly far and you mentioned the museum as a guy who used to work in rock radio. Oh man they got some really cool like guitars and just photos of the legendary performers Supernova. So if your music fan red rocks pretty cool to check out. I'd say it's definitely worth the ride there and back Walker on over there. There really is We had Matt Tuttle from the Denver Nuggets on not long ago and I actually creeped on his Twitter instagram and saw that they actually do some Denver Nuggets preseason training they make the I think it was just the rookie. Though they're making the rookies run the steps at red rocks which which is Kinda cool that even the even the the Denver Nuggets are using red rocks as a way to get some exercise. That's so cool. I thought that through some great shots. Heck yeah moving on what else so at red rocks definitely pretty good thing to start with. What else do you suggest people check out? I think A areas of the city to just hang out larimer square square is known for its restaurants nightlife and and everything going on there but then and then drilling where I've hung out. It's on Blake Street. Kinda leads away from their up towards course feel hill. And there's some cool.

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