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Kentucky Anna's. Breaking news weather and traffic station NewsRadio eight forty w.. H. AS Louisville an. Iheartradio station From ABC news Michelle Franzen, former CIA, director John Brennan vowing to fight back after being stripped of his security clearance by President Trump dozens of the nation's, former intelligence chiefs and members of the CIA both, democrat and Republican or now criticizing that move, in two letters. The president hinting another official could. Lose his ABC's Tara Palmeri has more President Trump seemingly eager to pull more security clearances from current or former officials who have either been critical of him or involved in the Russia collusion investigation his, potential next target a Justice, department official Bruce or whose wife Nellie or worked for. A fusion GPS when the Clinton campaign hired the firm to compile the so-called Steele dossier on Trump's alleged, connections with Russia former United Nations Security General Kofi Annan has died during a decade as you n. chief and drew both praise and criticism of the year. Of nine eleven he was awarded the Nobel peace prize announced tenure as the world's top diplomat also Incited with the Iraq war and the aids pandemic serving from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand six he clashed, at times with the Bush administration criticizing the forty, second president and his outgoing speech departing the, UN Security Council. Is not just another stage on. Which to act out national interest originally from Ghana he'd been living in the Swiss city of Geneva where he died Jillian McFarland ABC news at the foreign desk in London the United Nations announcing they, will lower flags to half, staff for three days jurors in the Paul Manafort Bank. And tax fraud trial or taking the weekend off Earlier Friday President Trump expressed support for his former campaign, chairman calling him a very good person manafort's lawyer Kevin downing thanked the president is the court adjourned saying they were happy to hear from him the jury. Has spent fifteen hours deliberating so far ABC's alley Rogan you're listening to ABC news This is NewsRadio eight forty wage. AS your news now good morning I'm Jerry, bloom NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. us a Louisville. Metro police officer suffered minor injuries after a crash in downtown Louisville the accident happened last night at the. Intersection of ROY Wilkins avenue and Broadway at around ten pm officials, say both drivers suffered minor injuries they were treated at, the scene the FBI's top leader in Kentucky says she worries the agency's ability to carry out its mission could be hurt by any decline in public approval Amy Hess is, a special agent in charge of the FBI in, Kentucky she told reporters yesterday she. Hasn't seen, any, impact. Yet but acknowledges a lot has happened nationally over the two year period I'm Jerry. Bloom our next news update at eleven.

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