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He hasn't been thinking him, yes. So that's what I was gonna say. I think that might be a health issue. Some of it is his style of play though. 'cause like Marcus Peters has always been overaggressive and can like retirement with board. Like if you play, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword a little bit. And he is kind of that guy, Mark baron being backed linebackers huge for them, but. It'll be interesting to see how they handle him. I don't think the Broncos are going to be the team to really put that to a test. But yeah, you know, Kappen Brandin cooks that if if they were playing a better team, I might have some cause for concern, but you said I have two predictions, right? So I don't think they're going to have any trouble with is my bold Dake is that the Rams will easily handle the Broncos. I presume you agree. Are you agree if I were holding out any hope it'd be rushing attack? What's the line on this game? Opened up seven point home underdogs seven points or even. Yeah. Took the Rams. Yeah, I would j what's the next chief chiefs, patriots. All right. So we are the best game. Of the weekend? Probably the most exciting game. I want to hear the chiefs before we get to the patriots. So what earlier when I was about to go into highly questionable, you ask me, we taught him on this on the radio show. Is that what you asked me about this. This is something that we've been talking about in the brakes and it's never made it to air, but we wanna do the cliche sports. Radio says, what that discussion? If you're the Packers, do you trade Aaron Rodgers for Patrick Mahomes? This is actually it's like a sophisticated discussion about team building, right? It's not really like a one for one skill thing because if it was a one for one skill thing, I would stick with Rogers because we don't know what Patrick Mahomes gonna look like in December when he's getting his book kick or whatever. And but but you have to take into account the thirty million dollars salary and whatever is age and stuff like that. I just bowled over by Mahomes though in we're heading conversations about NFL. Offense is really are wide open. You know, refs don't do anything or they're always over and like these guy in we there was that Brady quote from the week when he was talking about Mahomes and he was like, nowadays, the NFL it's college style football or something, and you sounded like a little salty to me a little Gerald jelly. But I listened to that and I'm like, yeah, yeah, that's that's true. But then I watched the games in Patrick. Mahomes makes really difficult throws like those guys are wide open like he's threatened needles than doing crazy stuff. So you can only get so open in the amount of time they go deep, go deep quick, which is an evolution of the game that we're not used to seeing. So while they're still getting some separation because it got blazing speed there going so quick that these are tighter windows lately it at the beginning of the season. There were, there were some ridiculously. Your home so into, they've tightened up as teams have gotten film. This is recent. Yes. And this is the Jags and Bronco. Good defenses. Right? So yes, you're absolutely right..

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