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And you do that like mad love the throw some mustard, and you make this like crazy creation right now. You've got this crazy ass burger really rich and flavor now it's up to you though to judge how you feel after that. And it's important to learn how you feel I though with just kinda the plane burger like not not how do you feel taste wise? Like, how do you feel? You know, how do you feel three hours after two hours after one hour after how you actually feeling that some they, you know, if you're not feeling great. You should write it down. And you should write down. What was in that meal? And then maybe the next meal. Maybe try something a little cleaner again and see how you feel versus that other one and starts a lineup and start to try to make sense of it. Because. That's what we're trying to find or trying to find a happy medium between having a as low in low amount of ingredients as possible, but something that's still passable to our palate. That that's good enough that keeps us excited and motivated about it like for me, you know, thinking about diving into I think we're gonna have some salmon's night thing about diving into some salmon or a fillet tonight with some butter on it like I can't even think of anything like I'm so pumped about that. I don't have anything else on a have anything else in my mind. So I'm super excited to devour a lot of that one thing that's cool about carnivore diet, even Kito style diet. It's not the calories. Don't matter. It's just that in my opinion, in my opinion, calories, always matter, but the the the degree to which they matter either believe personally is a lot less than what people think I think that it's a sliding scale of food. Four five six eight hundred calories per day. And I think that there's so many other factors that go on the human body. And there's so many other things that determine what we do with these calories. So calories calorie you hear so many people talking about that. I don't I I understand it is a unit of measures measure that we have. But I also think that. I also think that there's if you don't want to count calories, but a lot of effective ways to lose weight without even bother messing with any of that. So for me, I just I eat until I'm full I don't eat when I'm hungry 'cause I'm messing around some fasting and the fasting helps to partition some of the calories. But as I mentioned, you know, somebody might be in this caloric deficit, and they might struggle to lose weight. They might lose weight at a really slow pace. And they don't understand why. But it's probably because it's probably because their overall calories per month is probably not low enough for them to continue to make progress. So I just this this concept of counting your calories daily. And and it's like your calories. Don't reset just because he went to bed, you know, in your the it's just the way that we do it. It's just the way that record it. And I don't think any of its it's not as accurate as I'd like to see to be. So I don't count calories, but. You can eat, you know, eat until you're full learn how you're feeling from eventually when you when you are trying when the goal is to try to lose weight, you'll eventually have to figure out ways of stopping a lot of your old bad habits, which a lot of times that's over eating a lot of times that's snacking in the middle of the night. A lot of times. That's you. Eat and stuff that you're not supposed to be eating those those are kind of the main offenders, right? And you have to figure it out a way at some point to probably eat a little bit less than you used to the good news is so that's bad news. Right. But the good news is is that through lifting and by making yourself, leaner, you can read things up a little bit, and you can create a bigger engine that needs more fuel and therefore you can eat more to elaborate on that little bit more. The carnivore diet is a diet that is very rich based in in different types of meat. And when I say meet than people are taking our bacon. Yeah..

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