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At avenue k no one else was reportedly injured. The ranch in victorville that once belonged to ROY Rogers. And Dale Evans is on the market for nearly four million dollars sixty four acre spread has working ranch a wedding venue and an entire wild west film, set complete with a saloon and a blacksmith shop the double our bar ranch. Also features seventeen horse stables a half mile racetrack and a campground couple owned ranch. Just off the Mojave river near route sixty six until Dale died in twenty two thousand one ROY Rogers died in nineteen ninety eight's. The forty six annual Newport boat show is opening this week in Newport Beach. The show's producer, Duncan Mackintosh says the exclusive in water show feature shopping newest vessels information on financing and insurance and food. This is the biggest yacht show. West of the Mississippi certainly biggest on the west coast. This is their forty six year doing this. We started out as a group of dealers here. Newport Beach for to help sort votes, and it's just continue to grow and grow this show. Runs April twenty fifth to the twenty eighth at Lido. Marina village binge-watching could soon be getting even easier. Netflix is testing a button to play random episodes of select TV shows users that are part of the tests get to see a button to play a random episode within net flicks. And the app is apparently also offering users the ability to play a popular episode right from the main menu net vice president of product Todd Yellen told reporters at a press event in LA that you don't have to watch episodes in the order that we tell you to earlier this week net. Flicks revealed in its earnings report that it will also soon test top ten lists. Mary Kay Gaffney. KFI news. And thirteen people have been shot and killed at a party in Mexico City. Cops say the shooter's broke into a family party and began shooting for other people were injured. Watch out for a crash in Lynnwood on the what five going to be on the westbound side and Long Beach boulevard overturned vehicle. There has the carpool and left lane blocked right now at stop and go from the seven ten freeway through Cronin. Ninety one eastbound at surface club to correct blocking the two left lanes and look out and Sean the twenty two east to the five crash. Here has the center lane blocked. You see something different. Give us call on the realm saving you time traffic line, triple eight five hundred five thousand three KFI in the sky helps get you there faster of Jonathan Weiss year forecast next university of Maryland university. College was made to bring a respected state university education to working adults at home.

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