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And avoid and escape arrest. Windley is also charged with having a gun concealed in the car. A lawyer from Southern California has staked out turf on the right in a run for attorney general. These people up in Sacramento. I call it the Polit Bureau, one party rule, Eric early announced. Influence critical race theory. When I'm attorney general State of California out doing whatever. I can outlaw that the primary election is next June in Bourbon, Chris and Carl. Okay, If I knew, civil rights leaders have started sounding the defense of L. A County D a George Gascon. From recall Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson says Gascon is upset or has upset the establishment. Prosecutors generally want to do one thing. Prosecute, Prosecute, prosecute. Lock him up. Lock him up. Lock them up. Now you have a district attorney that says No, We want to take a different approach to that. So quite naturally, you're going to have the old guard that says no. Hutchinson says the recall effort is backed by right wing activists. The campaign needs to collect nearly 600,000 signatures by the end of October for the recall to qualify for the ballot, The White House has announced the creation of a task force to help supply chains in the U. S. Economic adviser Sameera use, Ali says the pandemic revealed significant vulnerabilities involving U. S reliance on global supply chains are approach to supply chain.

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