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The connection I just sending them listening to them letting them talk about what kept them up at night and everybody is different and providing a solution for them so that they don't have to lose sleep at night in being very in tune with what their challenges were so instead of having this this box. That says you have to fit into this box or we can't help you. It's okay what it. What problems do you have? Let's create this container for you that we can help you with that was j- It was huge. Do you not to question. Do you approach that right out of the gate? Yes you do okay. So this is your. I WANNA highlight this. Because she said something stupidly invaluable she you said three things and I just didn't want the world to go past that one you said that you what you addressing look for. What's keeping them up at night Number two she said I give them a place to bear. They're all respectively and third. It's almost like you create a safe space where you say. Hey I'm long hauling this with you absolutely. It doesn't do them me any benefit to say. We'll work with you for a month that we're not GONNA get anywhere. And were in an environment where they know confidentiality is number one so they they have this space that they can unload people. Do not like to talk about their money problems. They not like the talk about their challenges with ruin a Feel like a failure and that is not what they need they just need to seek help and the problem is that too. Many people wait until it's too far gone to seek help so having this open conversation with individuals in whether they own a business or starting a business or they're thinking about starting business. It doesn't matter the challenges that they have are the same. Let's figure out how we're going to solve it and let us help you solve it. So here's something else so really. I'm GonNa ask you in the chat if you can just use the word long haul. I want you to think of this. The word is long haul I you know Shit you know. Success leaves clues and as much as you're talking. I am taking notes myself because Nikki said something di- AIDS. She said here's a black and white. We are not going to sit in front of you and tell you that this is a thirty day thing because I would lie flat out to you. This is a long term thing. And we're in it for the long haul. And if I sold you short-term picture I would not be solving your problem I would be lying to you and I'm not GonNa lie to you because I wanNA permanently help you in as you're crafting. Here's a this is such an important lesson and building offers. This is the difference between products in offers. Why I am big on create offers in your company more offers you have the easier it is for you to solve the whole picture versus isolated pieces of the picture and I think what's so delicious to me. I'M GONNA use that word. I feel like I feel like I need that. Word of my life in this year Is this thought your offer should be over an extended period of time. So that you make sure that you can solve the problem because if you tell me that you can solve all mine accounting drama. I have twenty five letters from the irs and we can get through this thing in sixty days. Oh my gosh right like sure. But that's not the truth so at the end of it doesn't happen. Our expectations are not met. I'm truly not the expert. You truly weren't the expert. I'm never going to trust you again right. It's the reason why like in any of our strategy. We won't provide a solution. That's under a certain amount of time. Just because I know it takes a turn accompany around. I also noted takes just to get a certain type of person like me to get past the fact that they've got to get out of here and we have to get into action. We have to overcome the things that are happening around us. We if I know I need at least sixty days just to get you to stop. Stop Thinking Small Awfully think about your story. Possibly that I need another sixty days to shift you from all of the old habits that we had or places where we were operating. I know at a minimum. I need another sixty days just to start entertaining new offers and new ways of life. So I'm looking at a minimum of six months and in Bat that allows me to go. Great I'm the expert. I know how long it takes so The most important lesson here for me from Nikki is your offer. Should be a long haul. Plate doesn't mean that it's over an extended period of time. But you should know darn well whether or not you can solve that person's problem instead time and if you can't and should not sell it yet and you need to know as the expert in your industry what that length of time is so for me. I need to be with a client for minimum of one year. Because there's too many things to dive into and you have to tackle it in stages so minimum of one year in if they're not to sign on for a year then I can't help them because at the end of the day they're not going to be happy and I'm GonNa be frustrated and I've just lost a lot of time that could have been spent with my family my friends. I don't know maybe traveling to Thailand. Yes coming through island on. I got stopped. I gotTa tell this story because this is probably my favorite store once in my life my own life. So Nikki Finds Nikki Mesa decision. I can't go to the belly of this but Nikki. Mesa crazy decision to come and hang out with this black woman worst pink lipstick and stripper shoes in Temecula California from there. She came to a story Intensive in the mountains were cell phones. Were not working. And we were in an undisclosed place on forty acres. Now this one little thing right here in that will soon as I got the address. I have a C. H. P. ran that lived in the area and I said is this safe. I believe ever shared that with you know you have it. I'm so see you do that with no funny. Is that from that moment? Nikki after four days of being with a with us in this undisclosed location having the time of our lives Nikki is then extended invitations to head to another country with me. I'm taking all of our private clients that last year to Thailand. Searching might be exactly. So here's my favorite part of this. Nikki makes a decision so well into this. That she's like yeah. I'm going to participate in the things that are laid out by this organization. That's that's that's a deep breath moment and she's like I'm going to Thailand. Now here's what's real. I don't realize I don't really. I don't think we asked any questions around flying in travel. We don't Why would we ever? But it's made me think about possibly asked. Here's what's Real I get to this. Dongguan a airport after all the women have data meetings in Los Angeles and I get to the airport and they're all at the and I'm like guys whereas Nikki and they're like Nikki's down the hall. She's he decided to take a walk. And I'm like Nikki where you at you know and Nikki is like I'm at the Bar you're at the barn making we'll why right now so I get over there and make you and I just have a special moment one. I will never forget a wants you to know never Was it was so special for me so we get to the bar. I mean I get to the bar. I see Nicky. She's kind of constant over. This tiny little shot glass of fireball. And I'm like what he drinking. I'm like I'm going to have actually ordered me one so now we're sitting at the bar and I'm like so Nydia right. She's a little bit nervous of something like he had. It totally makes sense. I get it worked. Were going from Los Angeles to another one of flipping Thailand. We got fifteen hours in this game and the Nikki's like Yeah Nikki. When was the last time you flew in? Nikki was about ten years ago eleven years ago and then she was like so Nikki. How did you go? She's like basically in my mind that translates that she went from like La to San Diego like sixty minutes away. And I'm like Oh my gosh if you are you really about to get on a plane and go halfway across the world for fifteen hours fifteen hours and you have been on a plane in a decade. And I'm like what did we do and then I see Nikki. Like bottoms up the shot.

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