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Here's Jeremy Shop. It's a conversation that's been going on for a long time should tend to have means, sprains, chiefs Indian seminoles, and of course most egregiously redskins the owner of the Redskins Dan. Snyder won't budge. He says the name will not change even in the face of mounting pressure. The issue is the subject of a documentary that is still in the process of being made imagining the Indian the fight against native. American mass cutting co directed and Co, produced by Aviva Kempter her previous films, including acclaimed documentary on the life in times and influence of Hank. Hank Greenberg, Aviva. It's a pleasure. Thank you for being on the show. Thank you, and you should mention one of the stars of that. If your late father Dick Schaap just have some of the best lines in the movie. That's right. That's right. We go back a long way of even I. The making of the Hank Greenberg documentary which as you say. My father played such a big role in I. I remember vividly the Pink Nick. Bala tree sweatshirt. He's wearing for the interviews and thinking. Why didn't he wears something more appropriate? But it was sad. The golf outing and you know it was an informal atmosphere. He was just great. That's and by the way if people don't know Your uncle was a civil rights, lawyer and We'll you very good influence on me. At the time I was a law student, but thanks to the DC bar I became a filmmaker has I said the shops and Aviva go back a long way. Let me start with your from Washington. When do you I remember thinking this shouldn't be the name of our NFL team. It's a very good question. I came in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, three here, and I came to go to law school, having been two years in Vista in New Mexico and there. I worked with a lot of native American activists so as soon as I hit Washington I knew it. It also helped i. am totally only a baseball person. I don't do football. Football I don't do basketball so I didn't like the name, and I didn't like the sport, so it was easy, and then I grew up in Detroit, which is why, of course I did hank. Greenberg and you know we have the Tigers. The lions and the Red Wings, so there was never a question about a name being offensive so I sort of ignored it. but for my co producers and CO director. It's very different both Ben West. WHO's my co director and Kevin Blackstone in San Badly? They are all big football, fans and Ben Being Native up here and at. A certain point, he just realized as to his father and others..

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