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Behind elimination chamber. And when she and abuser came came into the match there are promo packages and high taxes. Based around. The idea that Shayna Beezer should logically win should logically defeat these pro wrestlers in a cage because she came from a background of being case fighter while the all the other five women did not come from a case writing screens so interesting because he has a long history in that they promote. If you are a PA- wrestler you are in the lower end of the spectrum as a fighter art to that of a case fighter. That's all you have guys like Dance Everyone Ken shamrock and brock listener. Since their background is cage biding their propelled propelled up to being. They are destroying a better than everyone else. And that's how they're going to just get duke and we feared in that even though it's the in story line because these story telling the story line is Sheena Baiser even though she is a rookie. She's got a Quiche writing background. So she's better than everyone else so she's only been the. Dvd rolled been probing a pro wrestler for about two years at this point. So she's a two year veteran of caressing and she's beating all these other women who have been wrestling for an X. amount of years for like five seven years and very interesting that she is she's automatically the best person in the entire world. She's toughness women's fighter ever because she did. Ufc anime stuff. But when she fought becky lynch she lost in the end. She got pinned she got. Ill is a battle. Submission hold so BECA. Finisher was the arm bar while she was trying to go for trying to go frigging joke and throughout the match up it was two of them trying to switch over our bags under our trying to dismiss it holds in Everytime. Beckley toward would go for an arm bar. Chen Abuser would go and try to counter it and try to get onto a site position out the implement mixed martial arts into progressing very weird indifference and the fact that yet looks kind of Fakey but you have to like turn off your brain for that aspect to enjoy. Wrestling is very interesting. And so she baiser came into that match as a favorite to defeat. Becky Lynch Awada pro wrestling fans were cheered for she and obeys ler to defeat Becky Lynch because the story was Becky Rossi in Rossi's first year as you prowrestler ever she became a champion and in the end and in last year's wrestlemania events. Bicker Lynch defeated Ronda. Rousey and so she was like. Hey Rousey is my friend. She's got a case Friday background. I also the case writing background but I I buy more dangerous Ronda Rousey so BECA Lynch ended up defeating the PIN. It was a very shocking victory. Were betting going for going to be a winning fights and salads didn't work out offer Sheena the following day which which was on Monday night. Raw Machine Abuser. Cut a promo pressing Promo that. She's out for blood and she's like the mysterious woman ever and he's going to go after becky yet again. In which is an interesting note about this scenario about this rivalry between becky. Lynn engine abuser. Is the fact that Ronda Rousey just recently signed a multi year contract? The if you expect Ronda Rousey to come back to mixed martial arts. The answer is no it is not going to happen after her two losses. Here's the Rodman. Housing is already cemented. Her she she spent her career as one of the greatest of all time. If you say who's the most popular most trail-blazing like woman spider in the history of the it's automatically Ronda Rousey who is most popular who is popular enemy fighter of all time to the casual viewing audience. They're going to say conor McGregor and maybe chocolate al. And then Ronda. Rousey they're gonNA say those three fighters so run razzie. She has no real reason to come back into the role of mixed martial arts. She's dedicated herself way too much into her film career. Her acting career She's a real. She has the notion of a reality TV star. Now she's part of the total divas show which is to spit. Which if you ever watch a show keep giving up with the Kardashians that pretty much. Is Ronda Rousey show in a nutshell? That's under the guidance of review so she's dedicated Multiple years into Into competing for the debris so and then she's probably going to face against rat Runarounds is probably going to be speculated. She might face. Shane Obeys Litter in an MMA style. Pro Wrestling match which will be very interesting. But it's yeah if you're if you think run Rossi's GonNa make it back to. The answer is no if you are a fan of mixed martial arts of the nitty of the if you're a mixed martial arts and you want and you let the pageantry the storytelling narratives without someone. Actually getting really physically hurts now. How they recommend parentally yeah the yup wrestling scripted and to an extent it's fake but you've got characters you got rivalries storytelling you got. Its think physical damage between fighters and competitors that if you can enjoy that aspect when it comes to mixed martial arts maybe just maybe not guaranteed you might enjoy Enjoy the W E just bits and you're going to find some enjoyment of it's so coming back riots break here we're GonNA end up the show with the wheel a little bit of fun here. You listen to the M. C. Women's many podcasts. Coming back right after the break. Are you looking for help for your fantasy? Football Team Checkout. Gsm see fantasy football podcast. Get today's best advice. I Putu start who to sit even who. You should draft from sleeper Paixao. Red Hot LINEUPS. They got it all covered for you. That's GMC PODCAST DOT COM back slash fantasy dash for dash podcasts. We'll cover traditional leaks dynasty few PR even iep leaks when you need fantasy weightless Brown show. Why can't on facebook on twitter? Bless her watching him for more people beat up each other and I tell them that mixed martial artists is similar to the chest and that. It's a game between people trying to psychologically mentally and physically outs but unlike chest the stakes are even higher for mixed martial arts. If you make one simple wrong move you could lose brain cells again knocked out while if you play a game of chess or a video game or even basketball or football if you make a mistake you know. Those mistakes can be fixed. They can if a cube if a quarterback were to throw a ball to wide receiver and the ball is a little bit off then. The wide receiver and quarterback can talk about and be like okay. This how we need to run this hour. We're GONNA make the play work welfare us. Okay goes from first down to second down for mixed martial arts? If you make a mistake you can get knocked out. You can lose your brain cells. You WILL END UP DEVELOPING DEMENTIA. And it's really really bad. That's why when you see two very smart fighters trying to do each other outbreaks. Psychologically and mentally it is amazing we are seeing a story between two competitors trying to be the very best and being out mixed martial arts is jus- chess with higher stakes physically. So as I am discussing how I try to get my friends into mixed martial arts. They're always saying they can't get into remained because of the violence and so I look towards read. It's although read. It may not be the best site to find. Opinions and views are very objective. A lot is very subjective. Unlike to understand some semblance as to why they enjoy mixed martial arts but then again I'm the same guy who does injury kite flying while I have friends who enjoy that so I'll try to see why. What is the wall that barrier the stop someone from being a fan or or what makes them become the first place so I ask you in a red poster it is called ladies of reds? What are your opinions of? Mma PRIDE EXCETERA and it says here from useless penguin that I don't really have an opinion on it doesn't interest me but it doesn't bother me either also. Would he did a guy who practices it? I think so. She's she's sponsored. I think I find. I find it distressing to watch somebody. I cared about heck actin so maybe not Would someone did a huddle women feel about a guy who they're dating during martial arts and in my personal center in my personal Life I have had multiple checks get into guys into karate or taekwondo boxing. Especially since I'm Asian so I hang out with a whole lot of friends. Who whose background involve them doing some variation of a martial arts doing some kickboxing? Do some white. I got a lot of athlete base.

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