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It's the most embarrassing thing i have ever seen in my life carter blackburn. Who is a professional announcer calls calls. And he's he's had multiple ups like this. I was watching cultural video today for twenty twenty one and he was in there fucking something up. But he he's like they throw it to one hundred and he turned he ladders and he goes lateral and it is knocked away. Incomplete no wait. Home-loan collins has it and just completely botched the entire thing. I kind of play with one of the worst calls. You'll ever see blackburn's terrible. The girl that got ran over that. Gary danielson just didn't care about she just joined the staff at mississippi state. Does she yes so chamberlain smith shadow. Her she was fine after that big hit she may have had some injuries. But she's fine now. She works at excited to announce that. I've accepted athletic. Staffer tiger for job at hale state when nelson in february. I can't wait to continue my journey as a bulldog from one. He school to the next. What's her name chamberlain. Smith tamburlaine smith has starkville recommendations. Please send them my late now. Yeah but i mean. I don't see chamberlain smith How'd you spoke at chamberlain. Smit solar smith without an h. You're not how'd you spell chamberlain. Cham- cham- burr lane with l. a. n. e. no a. i. n. Why don't you tell me that i well. I don't know. I mean. I think that's how that's how job is spelled. His name who john chamberlain chamberlain smith. Yeah what they're she she. Was you know what i'm gonna throw her. Follow right this director of photography at hell state follow. I just followed her. So how do you feel about that. Here's her black eye after she got hit. That's wilson's adamant snapshot. Oh how that. It's a small talking about them. I was like who the hell's panda wilson. That i see that using sailing at high school. Sorry oh i see former five star recruit and former. nfl player. Only twenty three has had multiple chances. Soundcloud rapper right now is it was auto tuned. It wasn't great best of luck to him. He's my friends. Part of this weekend is photos hairs. Hey i'm going to give you the best my best college football medium okay. Let's do it. I'm going to give you our dimension him. But i don't watch him or listen to him but it is undeniable that paul finebaum carved out one hell of a career for himself. One that i will be taking within ten years But paul finebaum is somebody that no i think he got a little lucky. He just happened to be in birmingham. It was a bad rider When the internet exploded and then he was able to put himself from -sition but when the sec network came along he was positioned as the face of it and has a tough face to put forward. But it is in fact. The face of the sec. And that's almost makes it even crazier. I mean if you so ugly if you look at media members if you look at chris fowler those guys are like attractive in their old age men. Paul finebaum doors open unbelievable so that goes to show how like cultivating really was he was instill is. But what do i not my mic down. Is that okay. yeah i just. It's fine. I'd go make sure keep talking. I'm going to go major. Didn't do anything now. I'm just going to make sure that it didn't mess up mess up that wiring. You never know cheetahs more than press record he checks mike's levels to tell say that i can feel that it didn't mess up. I feel that i'm tougher. Everything's fine. He's back in for the mike say. His thoughts had a mini heart attack. Because i only saw three audio levels. And then i was like we have four people on the podcast. Casey quinessa jack. Yep you know we are sponsored have been sponsored at the show by some of the great companies in this world. i lo- many so many governments. And i take all of them to heart and i love. All of them will die for all of them. We have this drink called revival light..

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