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Time twelve oh seven the sun the clouds today when the internet core which is a slight chance radio right twenty percent mainly north of the lake with a high of fifty nine for tonight clear cold and breezy closed with the wake up in the thirty two with a light freeze and stop like one thirty nine with the wind will feel like the twenties and thirties no one Thursday plentiful sunshine stays breezy chilly with a high of fifty four more sunshine on Friday stink breezy but warming up to the lower sixties for the weather expert four caster I'm W. WLTW state Nussbaum currently it's mostly cloudy and sixty degrees south of the lake fifty eight degrees under cloudy skies on the north shore I'm Tom Peruvian WWL first news let's get a check on traffic from the WTO reducing the medical traffic center I'm Patti Berman if you come in in from the west to we got no problems on the spill way inter Kenner in memory you might hit a delay around clear view we had an earlier accident that bond a bowl that had a couple lanes blocked it's all clear everything's been moved off to the side all lanes are open in those delays are working themselves out there's no further delay heading into downtown river valley stress what looks good to the west bank can come in from the west bank to the east bank we're still seeing some left over delays around Terry parkway they were moving some floats one last day of float moving across the bridge they got off at a key for and it stacked up the lake bound expressway but those still isn't working out too eastbound towards Slidell we've got delays just after the high rise in the curve at Marston road because there's some construction work going on at read that's got the left lane blocked we're all clear on the causeway and if you westbound toward mentoring Kenner you're gonna have to delay just have to because the way that doesn't open up until you get near Loyola's airport traffic backing up on the I. ten got a traffic tip call Debbie Debbie L. five of four to six info from W. W. well the news talk sports powerhouse it's the new rule Norman show time no wake up people let's change the conversation.

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