Ben Zobrist, Betts, Jason Heyward discussed on ESPN 1000 Post Game


Kris bryant bet second and third ben zobrist is at second and hits third addison russell clean up its shore cops wherever betts v in laughed victor carey teeny does the catching jason heyward and right batting seventh in happen center banning anything cal hendricks does the pitching so no moral no bias no contraire the cubs do play no swag it all on the line all three swag guys are out swag three lineup let let's see how well you remember did you see this stat how many pets we all remember anthony rizzo being cute leading off last year and he did well doing how well that's my question how many pets do you believe anthony rizzo had in the leadoff spot last year how many at bats total in the leadoff spot i'll say fifty five now i'm pretty sure he was there for like fifteen games so i'm gonna guess couple walks in their august seventy seventy dollars did you see the staff did not he doesn't care one dollar bob so you're going under you wear the one who was very close last year the result went fifteen for fifty three hundred batting average in the leadoff spot now remember what he thrived with he thrives with a home run he hit leadoff home runs three times in four of the seven games that he let off overall with him in the leadoff spot hit five home runs two doubles and he drove in twelve in the leadoff spot and then there's this quote from joe today and even though the cubs have one these games he wants to shake it up and joe you always loved the joke about joe joe wants to be cute joe wants to bring zoo animals in and i don't say critical critical fashion i'm just telling you joe likes to do silly things it works for them so huge he played your jammies on here's joe's quo i thought we needed a twenty foot python magician or a break dancer in the clubhouse instead i chose to hit rizzo leadoff thought it'd be good for the group plus res needs to get going there you go so and we're gonna wear jammies after it again onesies for everybody whatever works you watch result will hit this is if rizzo hits hits a home run then they will win the world series how about that how did you put those two together how.

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