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Marijuana dealers another big one is if you legalize recreational use of marijuana you get into an area of it is a drug if you get behind the wheel of a car it is driving under the influence but detecting marijuana as a drug that is impaired you when you drive is not as easy as determining alcohol blood levels of what happy so here in Arizona the smart and safe easy campaign says that they have reached out to law enforcement the medical community and the chamber of commerce those that were the big opposition to the initiative here in two thousand sixteen to see what they could do to help solve some of those problems or to at least alleviate some of those questions but they're also looking to what has worked and what hasn't worked in Colorado yes Colorado where the first state to legalize recreational marijuana they passed it in two thousand twelve but you weren't able to actually go and purchase until two thousand sixteen I believe our two thousand and two thousand sixteen two thousand fourteen two thousand fourteen sales began in two thousand fourteen five years five years of of what has worked in five years of what hasn't worked so as we dive into their number is there a zone is considering moving in this direction we find that one of the concerns of most people have in many people have here in Arizona to comes down to if you have more access or you're going to have more teenagers smoking marijuana and what they found overall is that state surveys and Colorado do not show an increase and young people smoking pot yeah it's a it's the numbers are really fascinating there are did you as you said there is an increase in under age use of marijuana the other thing is that Colorado puts in some stringent regulations on how marijuana is to be for lack of a better term marketed you can't you have to be very careful not to use even something is as basic as cartoons on up packages because it would appeal obviously cartoons are going to get the interest of kids so they're very certain to regulate this in a way to where it is marketed toward adults and I guess it it reminds you a lot of ways of alcohol sales that it's not the view you don't see beer ads that are geared toward kids are smoking yeah yeah yeah well they they they say that too right again what I thought was interesting in the Colorado data is that the C. surveys show that the you know Teenage marijuana years has fallen slightly essence medical marijuana sales you know ramped up there if they approve medical marijuana two thousand nine and has been basically flat since it's not full legalization so if you're looking at what about the kids this is set not saying that it's full proof an easy going in fact if you're looking at administrators and an education they're saying we're busting kids for smoking pot more than we are for drinking alcohol at school right but overall state why you're finding fewer kids are actually smoking we also find that parents are finding themselves in some different kind of unique situations in Colorado is probably something that folks here in Arizona have also ran through their filter and that is one parent says that he now asks whether another parent keeps marijuana in the house before his daughter visits a new friends home for a playdate that's something I hadn't even thought I had neither right but that's a legitimate question I wonder if he asks if they have any beer in the fridge to the number here also seems pretty clear here here's where it gets a little interesting nearly twice as many Coloradans smoke pot as the rest of America and the number of adults who use has edged up cents legalization in that state so Arizona can learn a couple of things from what Colorado is doing but when you get back to the how do you test for impairments that's the million dollar question I think most people would be surprised to find out that California first legalized medical marijuana in nineteen ninety six nineteen ninety six yeah and we still don't have the the.

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