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In measurement instrumentation services and solutions for industrial process engineering. And you can actually if you happen to be in. Houston at the downstream. Usa twenty twenty one conference. That will be october. The twenty first and twenty second and then also in houston. There will be an automation fair november. The tint sued the eleventh and anderson. Hauser will be there showcasing their portfolio of oil and gas application products technologies and services at these two conferences. Please check out their their booth. All right folks and also remember. Oh g g n go to the website to find a list of of all our all in gas podcast and then for those of you who are in the houston area. Remember our industry mixture that we have on the last thursday of each month starting at six o'clock at the canon and we also have a special relationship with the canon. If any of you as a matter of fact are not in houston area and you come into the houston area and you need some temporary office. Space for dare are a few hours you can through. Og giens relationship with the cannon. We have access to that. Are you all right today. I'm going to be perfectly honest with everybody. I'm probably in way over my head. As i introduced as i introduce our two guests this today. First of all. I have christina pit. And then i have vanessa s- koby and whichever one of you to wants to go. I i'm gonna let you introduce yourselves. Thanks us thank you for having his son wouldn't wanna thank you say thanks i and privileged to be here so first of all. Let's talk about go work in what your kids. And then i'll let christina. And i will introduce ourselves so our hang on. Okay so you just you know. I told you guys before. We started recording. If you start using acronyms now know what they are. So everybody's looking at this podcast and so it's called go as capital g. kapitolo capital a. Capital our capital c. So you guys are. This is the name of your company. Go arc yes christina. I'm gonna let you take the acronym that no. i think. we're going to have to start with a sneak. Peek tar second conversation and invite our ceo and our three founders. To tell the story behind it. Because i don't know the full story but go stands for go as in take action and a ourselves for augmented reality is. That's one of the initial insights behind the company. But i don't wanna steal the thunder. So i think we're going to do a sequel to this. Maybe maybe we will. And i think we're going to talk about this later but your ceo is where he's an israel. Yes israel right right right okay. Yes yes so. I'll go ahead and tell you a little bit about dark. Let me just kind of give you a background and tell you who go..

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