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I wrote the forward answer, you've got to get to know your own body. And so for people like you and me, it's possible. Year after year, week after week without looking at ourselves, are you one of those people who, when a friend takes a picture, you look at it and you don't recognize yourself? Are you that person that always has to get permission before somebody can post to snap they take a drink or dinner? If you're that person you don't know your body you've got to get to learn your body. I think in our mind, we have a different perception about what we look like if we don't know ourselves. It's really important to get to know yourself because that's the only way you can get to love yourself. I used to hate my big nose. When I was little, people made fun of my nose at school, it's so big. However, I forced myself and I did have to force myself to grow to love it because there's nothing I can do about it. And now I actually think my big nose is one of my best features. This is what Valerie is talking about. This is where it gets a little bit cynical. Valerie has a self help book coming out. In just a few weeks, so critics are saying this whole video was a was a planner was a PR stunt to get us talking about body image, so now she can sell us a book, or it shady, isn't it? I know this video broke my heart. And then somebody pointed out a reporter a friend of mine pointed out, she's got a book coming out in two weeks. In fact, in the video, she even reads a couple of paragraphs from the book. Is this naughty? Or is it all okay? Because at the end of the day, she is dealing with something we all deal with. It's not the first time she's done this. That's July. She shared a video explaining how hurtful it was to see people commenting that she needed to lose weight. At the time she joked, you know, I don't have a scale and I don't have mirrors, she said sarcastically. So I really needed your help to point out that I need to lose weight. Don't tell people that. We can see we have mirrors, we have scales, and she said you're not being helpful when you say that, because when you see somebody who has put on some weight, her first thought is, that person is obviously going through something. If you have a friend who dramatically puts on weight or even loses weight, there's probably something going on. So instead of pointing out the obvious, I approach the situation fuller of empathy at something we can all do. Hey, Queen Elizabeth. Left Harry and Meghan out of her Christmas address. Oh, everyone's talking about this. Queen Elizabeth gave an emotional Christmas address, but there were a couple of members of the family who were left out. So most of the queens annual broadcast was dedicated to the memory of her late husband Prince Philip who died in April 2021. He was 99 years old. She really focused on Philip and it was quite rare for the queen to be this emotional. She never really talks about her personal feelings, but she did in the speech, I've got the whole video of it upon naughty gossip dot com if you want to watch it. Really emotional talked about that one face..

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