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The smallest amount of rainfall could have a big impact residents in the already flooded areas in asheville north carolina braced for further deluges and mudslides as severe weather moved through this weekend more rain is the last thing tony harris wants to hear i'm afraid after no that my give me the flooded french broad river and asheville has chased people from harris's riverfront rv park armed rv repair fans drought camping down there for a few days many rivers including the french broad are filled with piles of nasty smelly trash and debris jim krasula cbs news west asheville north carolina says the first weekend of the two thousand eighteen atlantic hurricane season at forecasters are reminding people in the gulf and along the atlantic that water is a much greater danger than wind in any tropical storm whether it's flooding from heavy rain the storm surge when wind pushes the water inland this is the second year for the national hurricane center's storm surge warning system and storm surges specialist jamie rome says he's met many people who use the warning maps last year and hopes that more will use them in two thousand eighteen we still have work to do to get as many people as possible to understand the risk in understand the tools that they can use to assess their risk and protect their families officials say some mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted near a southern california brushfire the the orange county fire authority says the fire began yesterday and grew to about two hundred acres residents were allowed to return to more than two thousand homes residents of some laguna beach neighborhoods remained under vacuum orders to minor firefighter injuries were reported britain is remembering london bridge victims on the first anniversary of that deadly attack remembrance this attended by survive this politicians and emergency workers is taking place at southern cathedral near london bridge on june three twenty seventeen eight people were.

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