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Then have to squint so I read the TV Better. Like runs like that was awesome. He is merely underrated in this docu series. Absolutely and I think because he didn't drive a whole out of the content people aren't talking about him but just the fact that he went around in life with a monkey he would just be walking. There'd be like a monkey head popping out right under his Chin because there was a monkey like nestled in his hurt was brilliant television because you're murdering L. and that's actually how we became friends through the true crime community. Let's talk about the crime of this. I mean there are a lot of crimes but the whole organized murder that Joe organized by not having that introduced us to Jeff Lowe who took the story to Vegas which is a big socket of Vegas. I love being involved. But we're good. They got bad press. Were Good Jeff. Thank you very much yet so much. Oh what did I think? It's important that we talk about. Who Do you think blew up that office building one that had olive Rick Kirkum video footage? Not only did it have all of that evidence all of the footage that he had gotten over the years but it also had like. How many alligators excluding okay? My theory in this is Joe. Blew it off not realizing that it was going to beat to the extent that it was I think he blew it up to protect themselves thinking it was just GonNa blow up that room and the amounts of explosives were not going to exceed a certain area and it did and then it blew up the alligators or crocodiles. Or whatever it was that he had but I kinda really feel like Joe did it himself. I detail the fact that he had just happened to leave town and it just happened to. It's all just so bad. You just take a second to acknowledge the fact that John Refers to crocodiles Crocodilians. Oh my God bless his heart. I must have misheard him. He couldn't have said billions and the music crocodilians again and I was like whipple. Fuck is happening here. What kind in says white trash bullshit are we dealing with to where we say? Crocodilians focusing Arkady liens. But I can't get over it. I KINDA WANNA.

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