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A low thirty, three of grownup. This episode is profit by the end of Doyle. Thank you. Thank you so much for helping us. Keep our podcast. So I'm and I'm Negga and Meg has a little bit of I have bronchitis. First of all, I sound like man, and second of all, you're probably gonna hear me cough a couple times on us episode in. Sorry, I'm not sorry. I gotta do it. It's gotta happen. Yeah. So the person that really has to deal with that though, is our guest today, we're welcoming back Tim. Hi doing. I'm back Tim, this name frontier? Yes. The wild frontier of Chicago today. He's not from the frontier. No, he's from the river from knowledge, yes. Yeah. 'cause today we're going to be discussing Davy Crockett and the river pirates because nothing to do with our pirates. No, nothing. Just some southern pirates. Yes. All right. So it's time for the thirty seconds is knee. Me. I'm ready. I'll go. All right. Go ahead. Calmed down over there, don't call Miller, doesn't it? Ito seconds. Are y'all clear. Trying to remember the movie with your costs. Yeah. And you go. So we go back in time to David Crockett before the rocket. And we meet my think, and we discovered keelboats. Now we know where those are from the park at Disneyland. Then they go on keel boat race, Davy Crockett wins. They make it to New Orleans first and then they discover river pirates and actually people dressing up Indians, try and blame it on them. There's haunting havoc, but then DVD's the date. Twenty seven. Twenty seven. Nice. No coughing, no cops. Would you like to go? Sure, I'll go next. All right. Any modern get set. Go very Davey. George, you decide to bring some down to New Orleans. They raise my think down the river, David Crockett wins, then they can buy Indians finding out that there are some white people disguising his Indians, murdering, other white people trying to blame it on the Indians. Davey finds the one bad guy and bad guy dies the end nineteen. That was a winged one to the bad guy died. I literally had like the biggest grin 'cause he was my least favorite character. He sucks. These his, he, he died. Lori k.. Why do I not have okay. Are you ready? No. Davy Crockett gets on the race. This dude, Mike. And they're good on the river, and he charged with Roma, but they end up winning anyway. And then you think the movies over, but it's not and AB the textured, and then there's fake Indians and. Yeah. Nineteen. That was terrible. Here's our always so good. I didn't write it down. And I'll give better. I'll get better. All right. So some history on DVD rocket in the river pirates. It is a live action adventure film from nineteen fifty. Six again starring fess Parker's Davy Crockett. It was shot in cave in rock, Illinois this film next as a prequel to Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier because as we know, DV dies at the end of that movie. So the only way for wall to do sequels was actually to do prequels slum, and it is an edited compilation of the fourth and fifth stories of the Disney television series Davy Crockett, which includes Davy, Crockett, kill boat race, and Davy Crockett, and the river pirates. Those both were broadcast on TV in nineteen fifty five originally. So also this is the ninth live action phone produced by Walt Disney productions, because we know that we've switched over to Walt Disney productions still are KO. No more. See ya. Buffalo Shia. So there wasn't too many fun facts, but I got some. It's harder sometimes like especially Davy Crockett. You think it'd be fine, you know. But I don't know. All right. So fuss Parker Davy Crockett and Jeff Yar who played Mike Fink later, go on to be in Disney's all yeller which rooming on, but they never actually seen together in that movie wear. Yes. So there will minute, but they're also both in westward ho the wagons together. Yes, thank you are correct? Oh yeah, yes, they are. I don't remember comes out. I think it comes out after this. It does. We are recording..

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