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Radio this is a bloomberg business flash from bloomberg world headquarters i'm charlie pellett another day of records on wall street sp nasdaq all advancing shares in amazon microsoft alphabet all climbing to records after the technology giants reported earnings that showed strong revenue and profit growth amazon for example up thirteen point two percent microsoft up six point four percent qiu goal was up four point eight percent alphabet parent of google and intel surging 74 percent nasdaq up two point two percent higher by 100 and forty four points first closed ever above sixty seven enrique at six these 700 one sp up twenty of eighttenths of 1 percent the dow up thirty three up one tenth of one percent and again the s p also at a record 10year up thirteen thirty seconds sealed their two point four one percent gold up six twenty the ounce are by five tenths of one percent west texas intermediate crude pushing higher fifty four oh eight now up two point seven percent brent up two percent to sixty dollars forty nine sets i'm charlie pellett that's a bloomberg business flash this is your bloomberg real estate report i'm denise pellegrini queens is getting to be a red hot market from us properties sold their last quoted the median time on the market was less than three months and grant long senior economist its treaties treaty says the boroughs relative affordability is behind the trent housing and new york city is more expensive than ever and new yorkers even though to relatively well off compared to the rest of the country are having more and more trouble finding affordable and lung says well queens is in tens trendy as say brooklyn it has some other selling points beyond could public transportation a lot of people are finding on priced out of the old brown phone brooklyn love there used to or the the beautiful town hall who may have corrupt by an unequivocal walk to offer out there is a very dynamic hotien in queens a lot going on culturally he says queens is also housing a growing number of companies in some neighborhoods giving the market their critical mass and the tipline back real estate report i'm denise pellegrini you're listening to bloomberg markets with carol massar and cory johnson on bloomberg radio thank you.

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