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Say work has been ongoing since March fourteenth the test right now being exclusively administered by Webster Medical Center and tested either there or at a new hotel facility being built in west Jefferson doctors that awaits you call this extremely important not only in fighting the pandemic for learning more about the thesis patients will still need a doctor's order to get a test of first capacity is about two hundred tests today but in a couple weeks Patel expects to be able to process up to a thousand tests today Franklin County sheriff tells Paul Ince's deputies will be working harder to enforce C. governors to stay at home order I personally received more calls about businesses and golf courses in places like that you have been and I can say is this a business the the signal in the governor's order this is zero tolerance policies worry we will do all we can to make sure that they abide by the order that's fallen with six ten WTVN smart blazer he adds when it comes to large groups deputies are using the opportunity to educate them on the order and work with them before issuing a citation the White House coronavirus task force estimates the infection could kill more than two thousand people a day by mid April that's when the disease is predicted to hit the U. S. the hardest a new projection as to mates around eighty two thousand people could die from corona virus by August if current social distancing guidelines continue through may U. S. army corps of engineers just completed a nearly three thousand bed medical facility at the Javits center in Manhattan but the core won't stop there his lieutenant general Todd someone might regret eight contracts under gear right now people in centers constructing facilities probably about eighty five hundred beds and then by the end of the day we should have another five contracts awarded was somewhere around another four thousand at the core is looking at over three hundred forty sites all together as part of its long term planning and there's an effort underway in Britain to teach dogs to sniff out covert nineteen specialist sniffer dogs can already smell of diseases like cancer and Parkinson's but the BBC reports the charity medical detection dogs is going to work with during university and others on trial test to see if dogs can smell corona virus the charity group also said that each disease has its own unique odor and dogs may be trained to sniff out corona virus within six weeks till NATO fox news radio six ten WTVN sports college athletes in spring sports granted another year of eligibility by the NCW season due to a coronavirus they.

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