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John Dot com slash podcast wherever wherever podcasts platform and we're not there just let us know we'll get this if you're on a platform and you haven't reviewed us. Please also gives five stars K. thinks about we even have a my space we do you find all our favorite bands on their on our little light play listing our top eight. Do they still have topic on my space. <hes> yeah sure as anybody still on my face if you're still on my face living it up and you're not a band. Let me know anything else. Let's see <hes> announced. Johnson's announcements announced plans nothing now okay. We're doing this hot and ready. This is our second episode of the weekend because Jesse sister is coming into town this weekend Yup. Yes it will be a busy so we're getting done ahead of time. Yeah exactly cancel on you guys again. Yeah we don't want to do that we were going to but then we cancelled the other week so bright for what reason to I was hungover okay yeah. I'm just looking at the all these well. Let's get started. Let's start our questions and answers Abbas. Are we think it's the goal to try and do it. In order yeah go first so now one of the best parts about being patron. Is You could to ask US questions in your questions are pri- or not so let's start with our first patron. <hes> Korea are good buddy. We'll have I hear much yep. He's one two T shirt. He's the best person in the world. We Love Korea so I question. Do you want to start off babe who really framed Roger Rabbit que question when's the last time you watch that movie. <hes> I think watched it. Maybe like a couple of years ago on T._N._T.. Or Solitaire like five years ago yeah yeah within like five years I would say yeah but so I would say that. I don't really recall what the <hes> but I think the bad guy was the one who framed him right or Jessica Rabbit framed him. No no no Jessica Rabbit was good. We like she's good to meet you. Frame is bad she chooses. This is drawn that way. She's not bad. She's just drawn that way is there's not a she frame him. You think maybe she dead and that's where they do. The whole Switcheroo and sexually Christopher Lloyd Wright the Bad Guy Yeah Yeah we all know at the end of who framed Roger Rabbit who actually framed Roger Rabbit then license a question this never seen the movie. I think I might be yeah. I think he's just a just asking us because he's never seen it and he wants a quick synopsis of the Film So let's start so there is a to exist in your life. Yes that's the premise yes and then there's a rabbit and he's been framed for murder and detective. He's basically basically a parody of bugs bunny. Yes in this World Yeah Jessica Rabbit. I Guess Betty Boop or something but very yes in the movie. I think maybe maybe she's healthy but like the idea is that you know Oh. He's a famous actor. Anna cartoon not like a voice actor but like the same one in the same tune world exists yeah yeah yeah where crime it's old old world detective style yeah Bob Hoskins he plays any so you know whatever go Moshe the movie actually nine now who framed Roger Rabbit for yourself and make your own opinions Yes yes all right. Let me into the expression go next question is what have been the most unexpected challenges of starting podcast so far <hes> our cat howling. Oh Oh yeah that was unexpected unexpected. He was very loud that one particular episode and then I guess just like having issues with like sounded audio. I knew is going to be challenging but I didn't think it'd be hard yeah. Yeah I mean like we have been learning as we go. We've been getting new equipment as we go. I mean like we soundproof some of the room for some ten right so hopefully that's been better as it goes on I think just like I don't think there's any good information out there on in what you're GonNa need to put together yeah. I think that that's it. It's like there's no like really good kind of beginners manuals on how to start a podcast like what you need to do so really we were just kind of like piecing it all together and we talked to a couple the people that kind of helped us through so I mean we were very lucky to have other people. I was unexpected unexpected yeah when I know and I will. I have one other unexpected. When anything is just how hard it is coming up with episode ideas like I think we're really good at kind of eventually coming up with one and being able to talk on it a lot but up until then I'm like okay? What are we going to talk about for like thirty minutes straight? What is interesting? What is relevant? I think relevancy is because I like because there are lots of stuff that I'll just talked about forever but it's like okay. That's not very interesting anymore. Even than you're already like you realize how often you kind of have the same conversation over and over again really yeah for sure but yeah we talked a lot about lots of interesting things but we talking about a lot of the same deal we really do. We just have the same few conversations over and over again yeah exactly so yeah. Do you have any specific ones but no I think the cat one was probably the best answer to that <hes> a lot of other stuff you could kinda guess have you sat down and you're like ham and start a pod cash. It might be like yeah. I need some good soundproofing in my studio. You might think regular room is kind of soundproof but it's not right so you can do some research on soundproofing so it's not so unexpected but you know yeah. We got like we've got foam up in the corners on the wall expect ticket so much bom yeah. There's a lot of foam also like we had to get this like huge thick blackout curtains for the door because doors <music> are themselves not really soundproof ours has glass in it but tenny tinny sound and stuff like that so we got something that could kind of like take that like the sound would kind of absorbed into I guess is the process. I'm not a sound proofing expert on top of that yeah. You know our podcast gets hot. I wish you had A._C.. You're yeah today is basically the hottest day that has been Jesse's. Not We're having a good time yeah. It's pretty rough. We're still struggling to kind of rapper heads around streaming we had to put brave and streaming stuff together so quick. We got that done but like my half after the studio just is trash trash but it's not just not put together yeah. It's just not put together the same way because like we have in. We haven't had time to figure out streaming enough so I think it's not podcast particular but like streaming on top of it is going to present some new challenges as well so it'll be interesting to see how that goes and what we learned there so yeah fresh uh good questions so far for sure any other challenges you can think of what's it all right next. One last one from Corey is what in your opinions is the best first level level spell all classes in races accepted. I'm guessing he means dungeons and dragons because that's what we what comes to mind for us and now because I was thinking of like Ak- yeah we can't trips to because I have my kanter bio is press digitization because like realistically like go. Hey only do you like magic. All the time. Whatever right I want to light a campfire prestigious digitization making noise little thing you know sensory fact yeah precipitations really good? Mine is message message just the best. Is that a Kendra. It's a Cantrell the other one that I was thinking <hes> his hand may also good cantaloupe. They're both really good can't trips. They both have I mean message is always gonNA come in Handy. If you have message that's why like I think I played in one of my one of the streaming campaigns that a dead for Scotus I played a knowledge dooming cleric and you've got to choose like one wizard Ken trip and a attitude or maybe it was because I was an alphabet to pick any kantor by wanted to. I picked what message <unk> clerics don't get message and message is very very important. I Love Message Yeah now. I'm looking at like the list okay so of level once bills Yep and I'm like well. There's a lot that are pretty good so I don't know which one I think is the best so far because like I noticed on here I have your cure wounds or whatever yeah cure wins Kinda like yeah yeah but like we're saying like really what's the best level and smells like well. Obviously obviously that's GonNa come in handy a what yeah mine I'll go ahead and tell you mind cause I have I have mine. My favorite first level. Spell is Bain because at a certain time you you can <hes> well I guess at any time you can enchant of two three creatures and they have to pass a charisma saving thorough which usually if they're like monsters they're charisma is real low and and then they have to take dynasty for to attack in saving throws until the spell ns so it's like super. I mean whenever you're in combat. It's very very useful is a concentrations N._F._l.. By I mean it lasts for a minute so that ten rounds like it just goes on for days and it just makes the combat so much easier on like the actual P._C.'s. There's just so much more fun and it's all on the D._M.. You cast it. You don't have to rely on your stupid teammates. You're stupid party members to remember all God Damn D- four yeah now say like okay so thinking about this more so like magic missile is good so it depends somehow you're gonNA play your character. What level wants fell? I think is good if you can get one that does like damage like magic missile or something like that. It's good especially if you're going to be like because you'll have the most level ones slots available leader in the game so you'll be able to cast spells and so you can cast things like magic missile or any damaging automatically hits you don't do as much damage but magic whistle always hit right so there's lots of damaging things thunder ways and stuff like that right a lot of one fails. I also think are this is your chance to get some of the ones that are more just sort of useful so when I I had it with a recent unseen servant which I used for a lot of a lot of really stupid yeah so they can basically do whatever you want. <hes> within like certainly we only lift so much and move so much whatever but can't attack or anything attack take damage they disappear but like yeah us. It's give Beck ribs and things like that right like or it could just you you know Yeah Cook for you or whatever anything you can do. I think is the premise it can do right so if you're proficient in like whatever they can do as well. I don't know the day that I think that was the idea but that might have just been like something you know yeah then. There's like ten years floating disc or the floating disc right. You know that was another one had doing all sorts of conjuration stuff so all sorts of conjuration. Things are really good. Yeah Yeah for that. You can like again. You'll have mostly slots especially if you're gains really heavy R._p._G.. Stuff like that or like situations that are less. I'm trying to fight a boss but like maybe you're kind of trying to sneak around because unseen servants invisible so hey guess what they could go the snag scroll off some dudes desk for you unseen things like that so they can do things that are pretty cool but now I'll say one. I think is really stupid stupid. Though probably the least used one I've ever used because I'd probably used to all these but purify food and drink I use I ever used it as a cleric and I have never once used you can use. He's likes to like a blessing or something like part of like one of your specialty things but yeah the actual spill purify food and drink it always is a cleric spell yeah yeah because I mean who's GonNa Remember to do with your problem is going to have they're prepared in a situation where same with like absorb elements. I've never want to use absorb elements. I probably should because I've seen I mean I'm never in like a like an area where rights even think to do absorb elements if I'm like a drew arranger I never really even think about it so I don't know and then when you're a ranger to like there's so many other lower level.

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